Tyler Herro’s New Cereal 


When he isn’t on the court crossing other guards over with his handles or draining threes in their faces, Tyler Herro is hard at work doing something else. Quick poll question for you. If a current NBA player was to launch a breakfast cereal, who would your first guess be?


The chances are likely that Herro is not your first choice. Or even your second. Probably LeBron, or Jaylen Brown. But here we are. Tyler Herro. Breakfast Cereal. Let’s go.



 The name of Tyler Herro’s New Cereal 



Fans of the classic Froot Loops cereal will enjoy this. Herro is calling it “Herr0’s Fruit Hoops”. The pun used right there is a 10/10, and the fact he was able to get it done so fast, is masterful. He goes from putting up 35+ in a conference finals game, to this. Reminder that Herro is just turned 21 a couple of weeks ago. He couldn’t legally consume beer last year.




We haven’t seen too many cereals get creative with their spellings in recent years. Apple Jacks is exactly what it sounds like. Cap’n Crunch lacks in creativity with the wording. Frosted Flakes is just composed of two words pretty common in our daily lingo. Herro did well at this, his new cereal finding a creative side within him, and running with it. A+ work.


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 Why Buy Herro’s Cereal Versus Any Other? 



There are plenty of cereals out there. So why would you pay $24.99 for a twin-box of breakfast cereal when most grocery store brands are just a few dollars? For starters, every box sold proceeds will go directly to the T. Herro Foundation, which promotes physical play, wellness, and creativity by providing resources and opportunities to these individuals. That was verbatim as listed on the website, hyperlinked above.




Herro also mentions that participating in athletics has always been a big part of his life. And he uses his last name Herro often when mentioning heroes, to talk about inspiring the next generation. It’s great to see that he’s using his platform and unique last name to do something great.




You can continue to buy your Cheerios, Golden Grahams, and Corn Pops. But spending the extra money on Herro’s cereal could create opportunities for more people in less-privileged areas to be active and find their outlet through sport.



 Herro’s Cereal Sales 



Herro mentioned in an interview with the Sun-Sentinel that it was always a dream of his to have a breakfast cereal. And now that he does let’s take a look at how it has been doing. Because many athletes and celebrities alike do things like this but don’t see results.




Well, Tyler Herro certainly sees progress. While there is no specific data available for how much has been made and how much of said profit has gone to his foundation, Herro’s cereal is temporarily sold out. If you go the website to purchase a box, you’ll see that it will be at least another week before Herr0’s Froot Hoops are back in circulation.


Tyler Herro's New Cereal


The fact that it happened so recently and is already experiencing sales numbers like this is a great thing to see. I’d personally love to see how many boxes of cereal his teammates have bought. Meyers Leonard and his wife Elle have a company of their own called Level Foods, where they sell protein bars of all flavors. Perhaps they’ve both promoted each other.



 Will You Be Buying a Box of Herr0’s Froot Hoops? 



Now that I’ve written an article telling you all about Herro’s new cereal, will you be buying a box? Or two? Or ten? Or twenty? Well, you probably won’t buy twenty because you’ll need some of that money for other household groceries and necessities.




But, just consider it. It’s essentially $12.50 per box, which isn’t HORRIBLE. You can’t put a price on good taste. If you’d willingly spend $75 on a steak, which covers just one meal, why not spend $25 on two boxes of cereal that could cover up to two weeks worth of breakfasts?

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