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Golden State Warriors Have No Chance After Game 3

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Game 3 was the biggest game for the Golden State Warriors, where they came up short 100-116 to the Boston Celtics. This was a great game with high-level competition. The biggest change was made in the fourth quarter when the Celtics made a defensive adjustment and shut down the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors were already struggling with foul trouble and Poor shoot selection at a tense as well as like a production out of many of their key players such as dream on Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. The Warriors run an offense with a high pick and roll and some misdirection on the weak ball side.

Once Al Horford and Robert Williams showed hard and stayed high on the ball screen and allowed no space for Stephen Curry to shoot his deep three-pointers, it pretty much shut down their offense. Only allowing 11 points in the 4th quarter.

Is Small Ball Over?

Golden State made the small ball popular in the NBA, having to make an adjustment by adding Kevin looney to the starting lineup due to the Celtic’s overwhelming size and athleticism. The advantages of the small ball are being able to speed your opponent up as well as get a quick transition three. Also, offensive rebounding those threes, and allowing for second chance opportunities.

The Warriors just don’t seem as fast and cannot turn over the Celtics, who are 13-2 when they have 15 or fewer turnovers in the playoffs. They had 12 turnovers in game 3. This game showed me that the Celtics are just way too big and athletic for the golden state warriors.

They’ve isolated certain players on the Warriors on the defensive end. Stephen Curry is constantly attacked on defense, and it seems as if the Celtics guards were told to find the switch and attack them as a match.

Last Chance

It is clear that Golden State needs to make a change. I believe this 2-1 lead the Celtics holdover the Warriors gave them confidence that they needed to win a game on the road at the Warrior’s home and eventually close out this series.

For the Warriors to have a chance of winning the NBA finals, they must find much more production out of their bench as well as stay out of foul trouble. They are known for their deep threes and their speed up and down the court. Only time will tell if they live or die by the 3.

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