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What To Watch Out For In The NBA Playoffs

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The NBA playoffs have begun and it has given us some amazing games and series so far. Here’s a breakdown from the early start of the Playoffs.

The NBA Playoffs have given bettors a lot to consider since starting. There has been a lot of movement and shake-ups from the first few games played. Let’s unload some of the biggest questions after the first few days of the NBA playoffs.

Can The Lakers Close This Series?

The Lakers took the lead in their series against the Memphis Grizzlies. With Memphis star Ja Morant exiting the match early with a hand injury, this gave the Lakers a better NBA position to close the win. If Ja was playing, though, would the result change?

The Lakers looked excellent all around. Their role players shined in this victory and proves that their overall team’s performance will be more important than how Anthony Davis and Lebron perform.

The Lakers need to ensure that they are fully healthy to continue to the next round. They have put themselves in the driver’s seat and took a huge away victory in Game 1.

Will The Warriors Bounce Back?

The defending champions are officially in trouble after going down 2-0 against the Sacramento Kings. THe Warriors have had a terrible record on the road and will attempt to revive their Playoff hopes when they return to Chase Arena for Game 3.

Steph Curry will need to work really hard to make sure his side plays efficient defense. The Kings have been looking great in this series and have posed a threat to the Warriors. De’Aaron Fox has been making his presence known in these games.

The Warriors are officially listed at +135 to win this series. This could be a potential play to consider as the Warriors can very well win two games at home to even the series. I still do not doubt that this team can figure things out to continue a playoff run.

The Cavs Answer Back

After dropping the first game at home, the Cavs returned to peak NBA form and gained a win in Game 2 last night. The Cavs looked to even the series after many of the books listed them as underdogs after the Game 1 loss.

The Cavs will have to play some of their best NBA Basketball at a very chaotic and eclectic Madison Square Garden for the next 2 games. These next few games should be perhaps some of the best games to look forward to in the coming days.

Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle will really need to step up their game in order to keep this NBA series afloat at home. If the Knicks are able to get two wins at home, they should really be in the driver’s seat to close this series out.

Suns Tie The Series

After a Game 1 loss to the Clippers, the Suns looked much better in a win last night to tie the series up. This series has been thrilling from start to end so far and will continue to deliver some amazing NBA moments.

Devin Booker and Kawhi Leonard are leading the way for both their teams in terms of scoring. The display of NBA talent on both teams is insanely high and is giving fans a series to remember.

The Clippers will have an extremely tough time to keep up with the Suns pace, especially with the absence of Paul George.

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