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Why De’Aaron Fox Slept On

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De’Aaron Fox Slept On: De’Aaron Fox continues to get slept on while proving to his critics that he should be labeled as a star in this league. Fox and the Sacramento Kings are once again on the outside looking in with a record of 22-28 and the 11th seed. However, Fox was doubted way before he entered the league.

De’Aaron Fox gained national attention during his sophomore season of high school. He was ranked behind Lonzo Ball in the class of 2016 for point guards and sixth overall. In college, he had to prove why he was better than Lonzo Ball and the other recruits. Fox had no backup plan going up as basketball was his only option.

Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox rivalry began as there was trash talk from not only the two top prospects at the time but their fathers as well. In the first battle in the regular season, the UCLA Bruins were able to edge the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Many believed that Fox still had a better game putting up 20 points and nine assists while Ball had 14 points, six assists, seven rebounds, and six turnovers.

Lonzo Ball’s dad, Lavar Ball, had to chime in stating that Fox will never be as good as his son. However, Fox and his dad had the last laugh as Fox destroyed the Bruins with a 39 point and four assists performance in the Sweet Sixteen.

Still, Fox was doubted as he was taken pick number 5 in 2017 behind two other guards (Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball). Fox averaged 11.6 PPG as a rookie and only shot 41.2 percent from the field. He was not selected to any All-Rookie teams and wasn’t selected for the Rising Stars Game until Lonzo Ball went down with an injury.

He was also ranked behind Dennis Smith Jr. who is already on his third team as he hasn’t found a home and Markelle Fultz has dealt with injuries and is only averaging 12.9 PPG and 5.4 AST.

Ball is the best one out of the three averaging 14.2 PPG and 5.6 PPG. However, Ball has been in many trade rumors as the New Orleans have their sights set on building around Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.


During a recent taping of The Jump, Elhassan made a comment about Ja Morant, saying that the Memphis Grizzlies guard “Is who De’Aaron Fox thinks he is.” Fox took that personally and beat Morant in their recent matchups.

Fox has had a good season so far and is proving why he should get more recognition. Fox was named the Western Conference Player of the Week a week ago.

Fox is on a historic pace this season as only three other players 24 PPG and 7 APG at the age of 23. Those names include Tiny Archibald, Oscar Robertson, and LeBron James (All Hall of Fame players).

Fox began the month of December and January, averaging 21.3 PPG and 6.1 APG on 46 percent shooting. In February, Fox put up 24.8 PPG and 9.3 APG on 47 percent shooting. In March, Fox stepped it up a notch.

In March, he averaged 30 PPG and 6.8 APG on 53 percent shooting. Fox is the best finishing point guard at the rim (71 percent). He is also 11th in getting free throws and his free throw percentage should improve. He scores 7.2 PPG in the 4th quarter this season (ranked 6th) in the NBA.

He didn’t make the All-Star Team, but he should be on the squad he continues this for many years to come. Fox is currently averaging 24.5 PPG and 7.1 APG on 47.7 percent from the field.

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