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Why the Boston Celtics Offseason Was Perfect

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The Celtics have been making moves this offseason, building the perfect team for a revenge tour. Tommy Burch thinks these moves were perfect and may bring the Celtics to the Finals once again.

Boston Celtics Offseason- The Boston Celtics came into free agency after their heartbreaking finals loss with the intent to strengthen their core. Making their best players better, and surrounding them with players that can complement their play.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown partnered with a supporting cast of Smart, Horford, Grant Williams, and the Timelord, this team was missing just a couple of pieces for the next season. What they needed were a smooth shooter and a flexible scorer, and they absolutely found them.

With the acquisitions of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari, the Celtics look significantly better than they did stepping into this free agency period. These two players can change the course of their franchise, and the Boston Celtics offseason may lead to another trip to the NBA Finals once again.

Danilo Gallinari – The Lone Ranger

Gallinari doesn’t blow you away with his stats, and he doesn’t jump out of the gym. He plays the game at his own pace, and this is exactly what the Celtics need.

He’s an elite three-point shooter, and his 6’10” frame makes him one of the best role-playing stretch bigs in the league. At 33, he lost some of his original speed and quickness, but he made up for it by honing in on his natural gifts.

Gallinari is a bit of a defensive liability and doesn’t put himself into position on the post. However, the Celtics’ defense is incredible, and sticking him into that scheme won’t hurt them as much as it would another team. His offensive ability makes up for it, shooting 38% from three and scoring 12 points in his limited minutes.

Getting him at the midlevel exception for $6.5 million is a bit of a steal in my opinion. I had the blessing of watching a decent amount of Hawks basketball last season, and Gallinari was a major part of the team’s limited success. He will have a positive impact on the Celtics, and pairs well with their established core.

Malcolm Brogdon – The Point of the Future

The Malcolm Brogdon trade scrambled both the Pacers and Celtics rosters, but the Celtics came out on top. They traded away Theis, Nesmith, and 3 of their reserves (Stauskas, Morgan, and Fitts) for the 6’5” guard.

Star play is what carries this Celtics team. With the third scoring option being an offensively-inconsistent Marcus Smart and the three-point specialist Grant Williams, they needed a little bit more versatility.

Brogdon brings everything they need. He is expected to take a stat dip this season, after averaging 19 with a young and inexperienced Indiana roster, the level of play will be a step up from before.

Brogdon can score at all 3 levels, with his inside finesse being one of his better attributes. His passing ability is on par with some of the better point guards in the league, yet he can still score whenever need be.

This is the perfect counterpart to the J’s. If one of them has an off scoring night like some of Tatum’s performances in the playoffs, Brogdon is the most capable player on their roster for picking up the slack.

Brogdon is strong, big, and athletic. He brings all facets of the game to Boston and makes their offense an absolute powerhouse. Brogdon was an absolute win this offseason and maybe the last piece they need to win the NBA Championship.

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