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Will The Warriors Bounce Back?

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The Warriors are picking things up this season and look to find their way to the playoffs. With Steph Curry’s return, will this be enough to be a threat in the Playoffs?

The NBA’s defending champions have had a very rocky NBA season so far. With numerous injuries and inconsistency, the Warriors are still 6th in the West. The question is whether or not they will be able to be a threat in this year’s playoffs?

Steph’s Return

Steph Curry was out for an extended amount of time which affected this team’s playing ability. The Warriors seemed to struggle a lot in their games and were in the play-in contention for a long stretch in the standings.

Curry’s return to the court has been great for the Warriors so far. Curry has been leading the way with high scoring games and even put up a 50 point game against the Clippers on March 15th. This team needs to rely on Curry’s dominant scoring ability and take advantage of the fact that many teams struggle to guard him.

Steph has put himself up there as one of the greatest Point Guards to ever play the game. He should continue to put up high scoring numbers in order for the rest of the lineup to be more solid in their natural roles.

Klay Thompson’s return to the NBA has been slow but steady. In the time that Curry was injured, Klay picked things up as best as possible. He is currently averaging 24 points a night and has still been a great scorer. His ability to defend is also a big help for this Warriors team that has been somewhat decent at their defensive style of play this season.

Steve Kerr’s side has not produced the efficiency that they had in the previous season and will need a lot more to pull it together for the remaining part of the NBA season.

Matchup Against Teams In The West

It will be interesting to see this Warriors team play the Suns with a healthy Kevin Durant. This could be a potential playoff matchup that will come down to the health of players. The Suns pose the biggest threat in the West with their superstar lineup and I do not believe the Warriors currently have the capabilities to win a 7 game series.

It would be a toss up also if the Warriors matchup against the Nuggets. The Warriors handled the series efficnetly last year, but might not be able to this current season. The Nuggets have a healthy Jamal Murray and Micheal Porter Jr to go along with a very in form Jokic. The Warriors would struggle against a completely healthy Nuggets lineup that has a great chance to go the distance.

The Warriors might not have the end to the season they had last year. I do feel that this could be the start to an end as Draymond Green might leave the team after this season.

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