The 2020 NFL Regular Season has come to an end. Somehow, in a year where COVID forced the rescheduling of games and forced teams to play without entire skill groups (still sorry, Denver Broncos fans), all 256 regular-season games were played, and the playoffs started on time.

So, what were the most memorable plays from this season? Through the miraculous, the unfortunate, and the downright weird, here are the Top 10 most memorable plays from the 2020 NFL Regular season.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – Honorable Mention: “Cramps” With a Silent “M”

Was it cramps, or was Lamar Jackson taking the Browns to the Super Bowl? We may never get a straight answer on this one, but after leaving the game in the fourth quarter and heading to the locker room, Trace McSorely was forced into action. McSorely was hurt with less than two minutes to go in regulation, and all hope seemed lost for the Ravens.

Jackson returned to the field just in time for this fourth down conversion, giving the Ravens the lead and playing a major part in Baltimore’s victory. The win was the second of five straight, propelling the Ravens into the playoffs.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 10. Tyreek Hill’s Touchdown that No One Noticed

In the grand scheme of things, this play didn’t alter the course of the season for the Chiefs. They still locked up the No. 1 seed in the AFC and went on to win 22-16 over the Denver Broncos. It was a tough one for bettors though, as a touchdown (and successful extra point) would’ve led to a push on the 13-point spread. Beyond that, it was a weird moment that the players, refs, fans, and coaches all missed until it was too late.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 9. Justin Jefferson Brings “The Griddy” to the Pros

This one is memorable not as much for the play itself but for the touchdown dance that accompanied the score. “The Griddy” was a touchdown celebration Jefferson started in his college days at LSU, but this 71-yard catch against the Tennessee Titans was his first chance to debut the dance in the NFL. It’s since become a team celebration, with multiple other Vikings players taking part, as well as spreading to the collegiate and high school levels.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 8. Falcons Forget How to Cover an Onside Kick

This was one of the most bizarre endings to a game in NFL history. The Falcons had a 15-point lead with five minutes remaining. With 3:09 remaining and the Cowboys trailing by nine, Atlanta had a 99.9% chance of winning. After the Cowboys’ touchdown with 1:49 remaining, they attempted the above onside kick, marched down the field, and scored a field goal as time expired to win the game.

The Falcons doubled down on their late game ineptitude the following week, blowing a 16-point fourth quarter lead against the Chicago Bears, becoming the first team in NFL history lose back-to-back games in which they had a 15+ point fourth quarter lead.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 7. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Facemask First Down

Despite getting dragged to the ground by his facemask, Ryan Fitzpatrick pulled a rabbit out of his hat to find Mack Hollins for a 34-yard strike down the sideline. The 15-yard penalty on top of the completion helped get the Dolphins into field goal range. Jason Sanders drilled a 44-yarder to beat the Raiders 26-25. That type of completion on a game-winning drive was big enough, but to do it while having your helmet spun around? Some call it luck, some call it skill, I call it Fitz-Magic.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 6. Harrison Butker Drills Three Straight Long-Distance Field Goals for the Win

Who says kickers aren’t athletes? This was a ridiculous bit of work from Harrison Butker. Kicking three straight game winning field goals is tough enough. When those kicks are from 53 yards, 58 yards, and 58 yards again, it’s even more impressive. This might be the best kicking performance in NFL history, as the Chiefs beat the Chargers in overtime, 23-20.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 5. Derrick Henry Makes Josh Norman Consider Retirement

Derrick Henry already has a reputation as the most violent runner in the league, but this stiff-arm was something else. At contact, Josh Norman was at the 44-yard line; after, he ended up at the 40, doing a full-gainer on the way to the ground and questioning why he tried to wrap up high on Henry. That one will be on Henry’s career highlight reel.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 4. Alex Smith’s Return to the Field

This is one of those moments where context is everything. There was nothing inherently spectacular about this six-yard screen pass, but the beauty of that moment goes well beyond the football field.

After suffering a gruesome leg injury, Alex Smith needed 17 surgeries, both to repair his leg and to fight off sepsis, which could have resulted in leg amputation. Thankfully, Smith’s incredible doctors saved his leg, and after months of rehab, he worked his way back to be able to compete on the NFL field once more. Smith’s resiliency will undoubtedly earn him Comeback Player of the Year honors. If it were up to me, the award would be named after Smith going forward.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 3. DK Metcalf’s Chasedown

Coaches at every level preach the importance of never giving up on a play. DK Metcalf set the gold standard of that effort with his chasedown of Budda Baker following a Seahawks interception. Despite a 10-yard head start, Metcalf got on his horse and saved a certain touchdown. Even better, the Seahawks’ defense held in the red zone, turning the Cardinals over on downs.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 2. Danny Dimes Gets Tripped Up by the Turf Monster

I’m just going to let this play speak for itself. It’s the most comical football play since the Buttfumble. I watched this play three times while writing this. It never gets old.

2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays – 1. Hail Murray

After Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs scored a go-ahead touchdown with 34 seconds remaining, hope seemed lost for the Arizona Cardinals.

Enter Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

With just two seconds left on the clock, Murray threw up a prayer, and Hopkins, draped in defenders, was somehow able to come up with the ball and score the game-winning touchdown. It’s one of the best catches in recent memory, cementing its place on the top of the 2020 NFL Most Memorable Plays list.

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