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2021 New England Patriots Expecations, Predictions

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After 6 Super Bowls and 20 seasons, Tom Brady left the New England Patriots. This season, the Patriots drafted a quarterback coming from a winning tradition.

Short Term Memory

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020. The entire world began a lockdown due to a pandemic, but that morning waking up in the region of New England, the coronavirus was the last thing on your mind. As the hearts of New Englanders sank the second, you turned on the TV or glanced at your phone. This is the day Tom Brady announced via social media that he was leaving the New England Patriots after 6 Super Bowls and 20 seasons.

The following season, and the first without Brady, was deemed to be the new chapter in the Patriots’ historic franchise. The timing was appropriate, considering the world is also going through a rebuilding phase due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mac Attack

With the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots selected Mac Jones, a quarterback out of the Alabama Crimson Tide, another institution known for winning and consistency. Following a detrimental 2020 season for the Patriots, they had the 15th pick in the Draft. There was an immense amount of speculation contemplating who they were going to select.

Following the Patriot’s free-agent spending spree, signing talented offensive skill position players, the Patriots knew they needed a sufficient Quarterback for the future. They chose Mac Jones.

Coming out of Alabama, it was known he wasn’t an idiot. He undoubtedly had the intellect to be an NFL Quarterback. Coaches raved about his intelligence, and a kid who had a 4.0 GPA with 2 degrees is no idiot.

Early in camp, he showed command of the huddle, the ability to execute under pressure, and other things. Mac Jones was the one running two-minute drills in practice, not Cam Newton.

Mac Jones showed his ability in three preseason contests, looking decisive, and making throws in tight windows with great anticipation. Mac looked calm and confident in what he was doing, with a command of the huddle like Cam never had.

With the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots selected Mac Jones, a quarterback out of the Alabama Crimson Tide, another institution known for winning and consistency.

The defining story of Mac Jones has to be according to ex-Patriot Rob Ninkovich from multiple sources in the Patriots building; Mac Jones was teaching Cam Newton the playbook in his free time.

This doesn’t only showcase Mac’s football IQ, and it shows an enormous amount of class. Mac also asked the Patriots for a copy of the defensive playbook to better understand the game. There is no doubt Mac Jones has obtained the respect of the Patriots staff and locker room because they cut Cam Newton to start a rookie Quarterback.

2021 Season Prediction

The Patriots are a team with a giant question mark heading into the 2021 NFL Season. Many people believe they’ll be better than their 7-9 finish in the 2020 season, but beyond that, no one is too sure.

In the days of Tom Brady, Patriots fans felt a level of assurance and comfortability that the team would contend for a championship, but not this year. No one expected the Patriots to cut Cam Newton and name a rookie the starting Quarterback.

I believe the Patriots will return to the playoffs but not win the division. I think the Patriots will show a side of them in the early days of the Patriots dynasty. Bill Belichick will implement a run-first ball control offense, with a dominant suffocating defense to give Mac Jones some Support.


The Patriots have given their fans a hunger-like fear for the 2021 season. The region is filled with an excitement that they haven’t had in decades, and it’s enticing to pay attention to the Patriots season and Mac Jones’s progress. Bill Belichick and football coaches everywhere preach the idea of short-term memory, Mac Jones is no Tom Brady, but very quickly, the Patriots are rebuilding the dynasty.


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