We are in an interesting time for the NFL. With OTAs behind us and training camp nearly here, we’re in a state utterly void of football. We are entering the time of year when fans revert to fantasy football, and leagues start to form as time keeps ticking.

My colleagues and I from Sports 2.0 Network feel the same way. We love football over here, and we miss it so very dearly. As part of the summer internship class, we frequently talk about football. In fact, it is one of our most popular topics to write about.

Many of us have differing opinions on NFL teams. Our staff is located across the country, in turn making our fanbases and experiences unique.

As our group continues to discuss football and wait for Week One, I began to realize how our opinions deviated. So many of us feel so strongly about a variety of players that our predictions for the upcoming season were drastically disconnected.

This is where we decided to put it to a vote. Our team predicted the Super Bowl winner, every major NFL award, and even some dark horses in the process. After a grueling and ongoing process, we finally have our results for the 2022-23 NFL Award Predictions voted on by our staff.

NFL Awards

NFL Awards: Super Bowl Champions – Buffalo Bills

Second Place – Los Angeles Chargers

With an almost unanimous vote, the Buffalo Bills were voted in to win the Super Bowl this year. There was only a single vote for another team, that being the L.A. Chargers.

Our group has an absurd amount of confidence in Josh Allen and the Buffalo defense. The signing of Von Miller is vital, and the Buffalo offense is finally rounding out. With the addition of Jamison Crowder and James Cook to an already star-studded offense, they should be in contention for the best team in football.

Our staff made a point to highlight that this team has witnessed two consecutive years of heartbreaking losses. With the Chiefs losing Hill, Pringle, and the Honey Badger, it leaves room for the new AFC royalty to claim the throne.

NFL Awards: MVP

NFL Awards: MVP – Josh Allen

Second Place – Justin Herbert

The trend stays true, as the top two Super Bowl teams and their quarterbacks are paired on this list. However, our staff is more confident about this pick than the last.

Allen is on his way to taking a regular season leap. He has been shown to throw the ball well at every level in and out of the pocket, and his playmaking ability is second to none. He can run, isn’t afraid of physicality, but still stays patient like a seasoned veteran.

Seeing as during their rookie years Allen and Sam Darnold were playing at the same level, clearly, he has improved significantly. He has played as a genuine MVP candidate for two years consecutively, and I predict he breaks his regular season record for passing yards and finally throw 40 touchdowns.

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NFL Awards: OPOY

NFL Awards: Offensive Player of the Year – Jonathan Taylor

The first unanimous NFL Awards vote we’ve seen, our entire group had a united decision. After nothing short of a dominant season from Taylor, we can only expect him to go up from here.

This team was run-heavy last year, with a short-route-dominant passing game behind Carson Wentz. With the elite deep ball throwing provided by Matt Ryan, the defense is going to have to stay honest. Don’t expect teams to pack the box against Indianapolis.

Their division doesn’t have very strong run defenses, along with their schedule as a whole. We could see another 2k-yard rusher this year and another running back in contention for the MVP award.

NFL Awards: DPOY

NFL Awards: Defensive Player of the Year – Micah Parsons

Second Place – Aaron Donald

In a shocking turn of events, decided by a single vote, Parsons is the group’s decision to win DPOY. After an incredible rookie season and only room to grow, I cannot argue with the logic.

As a rookie hybrid edge rusher, he racked up 13 sacks and over 80 tackles. His 20 TFLs ranked 3rd in the league, but his 30 QB hits show his potential even more.

Not only this but you just have to do the eye test. Parsons is one of the fastest, strongest, and most explosive edge rushers in the game. He’s a freak athlete and jumps off the snap like a bullet. The guy is Superman on the football field, and there are not many players like him.

I understand why Parsons was first, but you need to respect one of the best defensive players of all time in Aaron Donald. He just won the Super Bowl, got a massive contract, and keeps playing at the highest level. The reason he’s not first is that we already know what we’re gonna get, and Parsons has miles of room left to grow.

NFL Awards: Comeback Player

NFL Awards: Comeback Player of the Year – Derrick Henry

Second Place – Jameis Winston/Michael Thomas

Even with the Saints WR/QB duo tying for second place, Henry holds his crown as he earns his respect as CPOY. He’s still a top 2 running back in the league, but Taylor took advantage of his absence.

Before he missed most of the season, Henry was on pace for another 2k-yard season. Even after he left, he remained the leading rusher for multiple weeks. He played 8 games and had 937 rushing yards.

His recovery was quick and he seems in the best shape of his life. He’s going to take back his crown, dominate the AFC, and show the league why they shouldn’t have let someone else take his place.

NFL Awards: ROY

NFL Awards: Offensive Rookie of the Year – Chris Olave

Second Place – Drake London

This one is surprising. I expected a Breece Hall or even one of the rookie quarterbacks. However, Olave makes complete sense.

His chemistry with Winston should be absolutely electric, with Olave’s route-running and athletic ability. He makes defenses look silly, and paired with one of the most underrated throwers in the league, he may be a deadly secret weapon.

However, I love London as the second place vote here. A true No. 1 receiver with incredible size and jump ball ability, expect him to get a lot of red zone targets and touchdowns this season, even if the yards don’t match up. Think of him as a James Conner type of player, where his yards are less but his points are more.

NFL Awards: DROY

NFL Awards: Defensive Rookie of the Year – Aidan Hutchinson

The second of only two unanimous NFL Awards selections, Hutchinson is favored by the voters from the Knup Sports team. I mean, honestly, who can blame us?

Hutchinson was already my personal pick to win the DROY vote before the draft, and now that Dan Campbell got ahold of him, he’s going to be even scarier. The guy has insane footwork, gets off the ball like lightning, and blows up offensive lines like Wiley Coyote.

He’s a surefire prospect with enough leverage to compete for a Pro Bowl spot. If the Lions play him to his strengths, we may even see double-digit sacks this year. He’s a proven leader, a phenomenal player, and quite possibly the best player in the 2022 NFL Draft.

NFL Awards: Coach of the Year – Brandon Staley

Second Place – Dan Campbell

The Chargers are a complete team, and their additions this offseason put them in prime position for Super Bowl contention. This team turnaround was led by none other than Brandon Staley.

A high-powered new-age offense that gets the ball downfield led by Herbert, Ekeler, Bosa, and Jackson. The star power of this team is unbelievable and could compete with the very best.

In a strong division with plenty of playoff-caliber teams, L.A. coming out on top might be the push Staley needs. If he can show the league he can beat Kansas City, Denver, and Las Vegas, he will absolutely be on the top of that list.

The second-place pick in Dan Campbell is one of my favorites. His team is going to flip on its head, and I predict he will bring the team to a 9-8 record. His team will undoubtedly win games, and will improve the most out of any NFL team’s record from last year.

Dark Horse MVP – Justin Herbert

Second Place – Derek Carr

As a surprise to no one, the second-place pick to win MVP makes his way onto the end of the board. However, even calling him a dark horse is a little disrespectful.

Herbert has broken rookie records and second-year records and is on pace to shatter even more. He has an elite receiving core, a strong offensive line, and his team has improved significantly since last season.

If the Chargers can secure a top 2 spot in the AFC West, his team’s success will put him over the edge. He threw for over 5k yards last season, and his team has only gotten better.

Derek Carr is more of a dark horse type of player. He may be in conversation this year, especially with the addition of his great friend and college teammate Davante Adams. He will break some personal records while taking down some high-level teams in the process.

Biggest Drop-Off – Aaron Rodgers

Second Place – Russell Wilson

With A-Rod losing his number one target, the receiving threats for Green Bay seem very shallow. Going from Adams to Allen Lazard is not a good look for this team.

Rodgers, the 2-time reigning MVP, was voted to not even make the MVP conversation this year. His best offensive weapon is his No. 1 and No. 2 running backs, so throwing the ball seems like a much less viable option. He will have very good stats, they’ll just be down from last years in every category.

Russell Wilson was voted in at second because some of the staff members think Denver’s supporting cast just isn’t good enough. Whether they are worried about his protection or even his receivers, there are doubts cast on the former Seahawks’ franchise QB.


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