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Aaron Rodgers to the Denver Broncos Needs to Happen

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A lot of unanswered questions surround Aaron Rodgers this offseason. See why we believe he should make the move to play with the Denver Broncos.

The veteran quarterback has been rumored to be potentially winding up in Denver for next season. Read to find out how that news has only heated up and why it’d be best for everyone if he did.

After a beyond disappointing, but somewhat appropriate ending to the Packers’ Super Bowl 56 campaign, there are no guarantees on Aaron Rodgers returning to Green Bay next season. 

There have been rumors circulating even before the Packers season was ended by a last-second San Francisco 49ers field goal in the divisional round of this past postseason. 

Rodgers is still under team control, but on Sunday afternoon the continuing drama of where he’ll end up in 2022 has hit another development. In an increasing escalation of words, Rodgers now reportedly feels “truly torn” on where he wants to be under center next season. 

Broncos Are the Best Option for Aaron Rodgers 

Simply put, it’s time for Aaron Rodgers to end his time with the Green Bay Packers. It’s been a somewhat successful relationship, but that relationship has reached a point where it’d be best for Rodgers and Green Bay to part ways. His relationship with the front office and city have deteriorated and it’s hard to imagine he even really wants to play there any longer.

From the outset of this drama, the Denver Broncos have been the next most likely option for Rodgers to continue his career. It makes sense too, as the Broncos are a young team who seem to be just missing that winning piece at the quarterback position.

Going into the 2021 season, PFF ranked their receiving corps of Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, Noah Fant, etc. as the 7th best in the NFL. The Broncos showed noticeable improvement in 2021 from their 2020 campaign, but suffered greatly from not having a reliable quarterback. 

When your division’s starting quarterbacks are Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Derrick Carr, that isn’t a position you can be lacking in and expect to win. Denver is such a talented team but Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock are just not going to get wins for you. 

What Denver needs is experience, confidence and above all, skill at the quarterback position. This is exactly what Aaron Rodgers could provide them with. His stats obviously speak for themselves, but from a skill standpoint he may very well be the greatest to have ever played the position and he isn’t done yet.

Rodgers wants that 2nd ring and if he joins the Broncos he’d be getting access to an offense whose ceiling is limitless and whose defense was ranked in the #1 tier all season by PFF. 

Time For A Decision

The Broncos announced that they are “all in” on Rodgers while a contract extension with Green Bay and retirement are still reportedly the most likely options, according to Bleacher Report. Exactly what Denver would be willing to give up for the MVP is unclear to the public, but you’ve got to imagine it’d be a huge haul for the Packers.

For Rodgers’ own sake though, he has to know the luxuries that joining the Denver Broncos would offer him at this stage in his career. He turned 38 in December and has at least three good seasons left in him. He’s got to be thinking about Peyton Manning right now. 

This is something that NFL fans worldwide, outside of the Packers, want to see happen. If Rodgers really values winning another Super Bowl and playing to the best of his ability, he’ll join Denver. 

He can’t reasonably expect to win another ring in Green Bay the way things have continued to go. Yes, the Broncos are in a much better division than the Packers, but it’s exactly this high caliber competition that would bring out the best in Rodgers’ play. 

The Broncos are reportedly expecting a decision on Rodgers’ future no later than March 8th. Given how much this saga has been dragged out though, it’s anyone’s guess when a decision is finally reached.


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