It’s no secret that the New England Patriots are struggling in 2020. The team is sitting in 3rd place in the AFC East with a record of 6-7. This will be the first year that the Patriots don’t win the division title since 2008. Enter Mac Jones ??

The Patriots have a different makeup this year throughout their entire team. However, the quarterback position has been the center of scrutiny. Cam Newton has been the 2020 signal-caller in New England, and he has come up short all year long.

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This article isn’t about Cam Newton. If you want my opinion on how the Patriots should handle Newton, check out my recent article on Knup Sports.

The Patriots will need to find a new franchise quarterback no matter how they handle Newton’s contract in the offseason. There are a lot of potential quarterback fits for the Patriots in the 2021 draft class. There’s a ton of hype surrounding Trevor Lawrence, but don’t forget about Alabama QB Mac Jones.

Here are my reasons why Mac Jones would be a perfect fit in New England.

Mac Jones – Film Room Wizard

To be an NFL quarterback, you must love the film room. The best players at the position go above and beyond when it comes to football knowledge acquired through film study. Mac Jones has demonstrated this countless times at Alabama, and I guarantee that this won’t stop when he becomes an NFL quarterback.

Mac Jones made it clear that he is a film junkie in his Week 1 pregame press conference. The Tide were scheduled to take a road trip to Missouri and the 6’3” junior showed the media that he knew the Tigers like the back of his hand.

Jones mentioned every player on the Mizzou defense, and he told the media a number of tendencies that the team showed on film in 2019. Here is the full press conference. I have to imagine that this caught the attention of one of the best game planning coaches in NFL history, Bill Belichick.

This familiarity with the Tigers resulted in a dominant Tide victory over Missouri. Jones went 18 of 24 for 249 yards and two touchdowns on the night.

Technically Sound

NFL analysts have some issues with Mac Jones, but he is one of the most technically sound quarterbacks in the draft this year. His footwork is very quick which is a primary reason that he’s so proficient in the passing game.

Jones is completing 76.4% of his passes this season. His percentage only drops to 73% against teams in the AP Top 25. If this wasn’t enough for you to understand that Jones is legit, just take a look at his TD to INT ratio.

Jones has thrown 27 touchdown strikes this year, which is phenomenal for any quarterback, but he doesn’t make many mistakes. Jones has only had three passes picked off in 2020 which shows that he understands the importance of not forcing unnecessary throws.

Jones has the ability to hit receivers downfield. He displayed this against LSU on the road. Jones’ performance in Death Valley cemented that he’s going to be a great NFL quarterback in my mind. Jones was 18 of 26 for 385 yards and four touchdowns on December 5th against the Tigers.

Mac Jones – Proven Winner

This is Mac Jones first year in the spotlight in Tuscaloosa, but he has led the Tide to another appearance in the SEC Championship Game this season. Jones is a phenomenal leader and has grit. Grit is something that you can’t teach an athlete. It has come from a person’s competitive spirit to be the best.

Alabama football has a winning culture, but Jones has been a catalyst for this mindset in 2020. The Tide haven’t had many low moments during games this season. Despite this, Jones always is doing his best to push his teammates to strive for more throughout a game.

This is something that’s necessary, but currently lacking in the New England locker room.

What’s Not to Like?

Even though Mac Jones has first-round potential, the 22-year-old has faced a lot of criticism in regard to his future NFL ability.

Is he the best quarterback in the draft? Of course not! Although, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to have NFL success.

Critics have claimed that Mac Jones lacks mobility, has a weak arm, and can’t extend plays under pressure. What other quarterback’s draft report sounds like that coming out of college? I’ll give you a hint…He played in New England.

I’m sure you know where this is going, but if not I’m talking about the six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. Mac Jones is very similar to Tom Brady coming out of college. Jones is much more highly touted, but he is still under the radar. His arm isn’t the best, but he is very accurate. He isn’t the fastest, but he makes up for this with his footwork in the pocket.

Tom Brady didn’t bloom during his time at the University of Michigan even though he had an amazing collegiate career. Brady became the GOAT in New England. He had a great team surrounding him, but he just simply outworked his opponents. That’s how he became the greatest quarterback of all time.

I see this work ethic with Mac Jones. Jones doesn’t seem like he is ever content and that’s what New England needs in this time more than ever.

If you’re a New England fan and you don’t like Mac Jones, you need to take a look in the mirror.

How did the Patriots become the greatest dynasty in NFL history?

With a ‘skinny, slow, and weak-armed’ quarterback named Tom Brady. I’ll check the record books, but I don’t think this draft analysis turned out to be true. This is why I think Mac Jones would be the perfect fit in New England.


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