The Carolina Panthers entered training camp being uncertain who would start under center. The team had a revolving door of quarterbacks last season but this year it was clear it was either going to be Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold, however it appears Baker Mayfield has been the frontrunner, although the coaches want it to be open still.

“Those guys are out there battling. They’re out there competing,” McAdoo said. “We want to give everybody an opportunity to go out there and put their best football on tape, and we’ll let it play itself out.”

Coaches praising Mayfield

Matt Rhule has said he won’t announce the starting quarterback until after the second preseason game yet all signs point to Baker Mayfield being the starter.

Rhule has made it known he is impressed with Baker Mayfield and how he already has gotten done in a short period of time and him already understanding the offense.

“He’s definitely improving,” Rhule said, via The Charlotte Observer, “as he gets more and more of a feel for what he can do at the line of scrimmage… What he’s done in 10 days (of training camp practice) is pretty impressive. He’s making really good jumps.”

Baker Mayfield has been a solid quarterback throughout his NFL career as he has a career completion percentage of 61.6% while throwing for 92 touchdowns and 56 INTs. He also helped lead the Browns to the playoffs in 2020 and in two games went 44-71 for four touchdowns and one INT.

Although Cleveland wanted him out, Baker Mayfield still is only 27-years-old and has proven he can lead a team to the promised land. That experience and how much Rhule and the coaching staff have praised him seems likely that Mayfield will b the starting QB.

What to do with Darnold, Corral, and Walker?

If Baker Mayfield does become the starting QB, the Carolina Panthers will have to make some interesting choices with the other three QBs.

Darnold is owed $18.8 million and there have been reports that Carolina is trying to move him, but it has been hard for them to do that. If the Panthers do move Darnold then the QB move gets a lot easier as Walker will take over the backup role while Corral can use this season as a redshirt season of sorts.

If Darnold doesn’t get moved – and they don’t cut him given his salary is guaranteed – perhaps the Panthers try to keep fourth quarterbacks, or Walker gets cut as Corral seems destined for the third string role and likely a gameday inactive.