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Best teams in each Division for this upcoming NFL season

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The NFL season is approaching us. Read this article to learn about who Danny believes the best team is in each division for this upcoming season.


The team that I am predicting to be on top of the AFC East division is without a doubt the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen. I believe that this team is a legitimate Super Bowl contender and will win the Super Bowl, especially with Josh Allen.

Josh Allen has gotten better and progressed as a veteran every single season he has played in the league for. Last season the Bills ended with a record of 11 wins and 6 losses claiming first place in the AFC East.

The Bills had a controversial loss in the playoffs last season to the Kansas City Chiefs due to the Overtime rule, which later the league changed that rule. Last season Allen totaled 4,407 yards, 36 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, and a QBR of 60.7. This was By far his best season in the league but expect even more out of the elite quarterback this upcoming season.

The Bills added future hall of fame linebacker Von Miller, helping an already great defense get even better. The bills have one of the best-balanced offenses in the league as well.


My prediction for who will finish in the one spot in the AFC North is the Cincinnati Bengals. Last season the Bengals stunned the league as they made it to the Superbowl which no one even thought was close to possible at the start of the season. They were a true Cinderella story but proved to us that they have the talent and gameplans to be as good as any other team in the league.
The Bengals have a huge upper hand on both the Steelers and Browns. The only team that could put up the competition is the Ravens, who I still believe the Bengals are better than due to the Ravens’ lack of receivers.


As far as the AFC South goes, my pick for the winner of this division is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are a very complete team and have been for a few years, however, they were missing one major component and that was a reliable quarterback.
This off-season the Colts were able to land veteran Matt Ryan who is a great quarterback to have for a young team as he is a veteran with major experience. In my opinion, the Colts have the best running back in the game and are going to have a really interesting season.


My prediction for the winner of the AFC West is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers have an elite defense and added new players in JC Jackson and Khalil Mack. JC Jackson is one of the top corners in the league and Mack is one of the best defensive ends.
With Quarterback Justin Herbert I think the Charger beat out the Chiefs and land 1st place in the AFC West.


My prediction for the winner of the NFC East is the Dallas Cowboys. Despite the Philadelphia Eagles making major moves this offseason improving their defense and getting wide receiver A.J. Brown.
I still believe that the Cowboys will own the NFC East due to Dak facing a lot of pressure from the organization. Do not forget the Cowboys had 12 wins last season. I expect Ceedee Lamb to have a breakout season.


My prediction for the NFC North winner is the Minnesota Vikings. This may come as a surprise since the Greenbay Packers have owned this division for years now, however, the departure of Devante Adams is a huge negative for the Packers organization.
The Packers now lack wide receivers, the division is up for grabs. I predict that Justin Jefferson has the best season out of all the wide receivers in the league.


My prediction for the NFC South winner is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which should be no surprise. This should be Tom Brady’s last season and his career will not end with him missing the playoffs.
It will be interesting to see if Brady can rejuvenate Julio Jones’ career as Brady has been known to do this with “washed” receivers.


My prediction for the winner of the NFC West is defending champions Los Angeles Rams. There is no explanation other than this team with Matt Stafford was a completely different team than the old Rams.
They won it this year and I believe they have a legitimate shot at doing it again.

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