Big Winners and Losers in DFS from Super Bowl Sunday

While fantasy football ultimately comes to a wrap as the regular season winds down and some teams play their last game, people still have the opportunity in engaging Daily Fantasy Sports on the highly popular sites of DraftKings and FanDuel.

The over/under for the Super Bowl was set at a high number of 56, anticipating a lot of offense, rightfully so with the two high-powered offenses clashing in Tampa Bay. Surprisingly, the total points scored didn’t come close to reaching its target missing by more than two touchdowns.

DFS Winners

The Buccaneers dominated the entire game and were led by their two future hall-of-Famers, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Tom Brady Super Bowl stats:

  • 21/29 completions
  • 201 yards
  • 3 touchdown passes
  • QB Rating: 125.8
  • Interceptions: 0

Tom Brady, at 43 years-old, has captured his 7th Super Bowl ring making him the first player to have more rings than any other team in franchise history. He put on an all-time, classic Tom Brady performance by taking the lead early and controlling the game from then on out. He went 16/20, 140 yards, and three touchdown passes in the first half giving him a convincing lead at halftime, which he would never lose sight of.

Rob Gronkowski Super Bowl Stats:

  • 7 targets
  • 6 receptions
  • 67 yards
  • Avg: 11.2 yards per catch
  • Longest catch: 25 yards
  • Touchdowns: 2

Who else takes a year off from the NFL only to return the following season, and wins yet another Super Bowl? Only one person, Rob Gronkowski. Gronk was able to save his best performance of the Super Bowl season, bringing in 6 catches, with 2 of them being for a touchdown.

While these numbers are certainly more than respectable for any given game, it is incredibly eye-opening to see these kinds of statistics in the Super Bowl. While, both Brady and Gronk played a crucial role in earning the championship title, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that Leonard Fournette played an instrumental role in supporting his team out of the backfield.

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Leonard Fournette Super Bowl Stats:

  • 16 carries
  • 89 yards
  • Avg: 5.6 yards per carry
  • Longest run: 27 yards
  • 4 receptions
  • 46 receiving yards
  • Touchdowns: 1

Fournette proved to be the dominant running back many thought he could be when he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 4th overall pick back in 2017. He struggled this season, but how much does that matter when he shows up and exceeds expectations in the most crucial game of the season? Fournette’s 27-yard touchdown run on the second half’s opening drive may have been the final score that put all hope the Chiefs had away for good.

DFS Losers

As good as Tom Brady and his reliable Rob Gronkowski were, that’s just how bad Patrick Mahomes and his go-to receiver, Tyreek Hill were when it came down to the most crucial game of the season.

Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl Stats:

  • 26/49 completions
  • 270 yards
  • 0 touchdown passes
  • QB Rating: 52.3
  • Interceptions: 2

This was a rare sight of seeing a version of Patrick Mahomes that could never get comfortable through an entire game. You saw him scrambling out of the pocket way more than usual and trying to make the miraculous play one too many times. He looked beaten down and defeated, something Tom Brady is exceptionally well at doing to his opponents.

Tyreek Hill Super Bowl Stats:

  • 10 targets
  • 7 receptions
  • 73 yards
  • Avg: 10.4 yards per catch
  • Longest catch: 23 yards
  • Touchdowns: 0

No matter what field it is, Tyreek Hill will always be the fastest player on that field. We saw tiny moments and flashes of that speed he’s capable of, but nothing game-changing. Throughout the season, we saw deep ball after deep ball. Where was that in the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski do what they have always done: win with ease. Unfortunately, viewers didn’t get to see the high-paced game we had hoped for from Mahomes and Hill, but don’t be mistaken; they will be back before we know it, haunting defenses left and right.

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