Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn has expressed his disappointment in the manner in which former Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly announced his departure from the school. 

Quinn was a standout at Notre Dame from 2005-2006, where he threw for over 30 touchdowns and 3,000 yards in consecutive seasons and was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the NFL draft. 

However, Quinn now spends his time working for Fox Sports as a football analyst.

He is passionate about his alma mater and made his feelings about the Brian Kelly situation extremely clear during a recent segment. 

Brady Quinn: “This was about money”

The former star QB did not mince words when discussing the matter. 

“This was about money.” Quin remarked. “This was about ego, him looking at LSU and saying: ‘I’ve played against them. I know what they can recruit.

I know the difference in restrictions that you have, the hurdles you have to jump over at Notre Dame versus LSU to recruit and I want to try and go win a National Championship.”


Those comments seem rather tame. He is simply stating the facts as to why Kelly might have decided to leave. But Quinn was not done sharing his thoughts on the situation. 

“At the end of the day, you don’t leave the way he did, leaving a recruits house after this news breaks, and having other coaches out there who are on the road recruiting; you don’t leave in a classless way like that, after becoming the all-time winningest coach, unless there’s more to it and you want to try to spurn, or try and do this in a conniving way.”


Were Quinn’s Comments Out of Line?

Brady Quinn labeled Kelly’s manner of leaving as “classless.” Was that response warranted? 

Kelly reportedly first contacted his players through a text message about his decision.

While he did apologize that he was unable to tell them in person, he certainly did not go about in the most professional way. 

The timing of the decision couldn’t be worse either. Notre Dame is on the fence of the College Football Playoff but this unquestionably will cause quite the distraction within the team.

This is also the third time Kelly has left a coaching job with a school to take a different opportunity. 

It just seems like Kelly did not put much thought into how this would affect those around him. 

As for Brady Quinn, he loves Notre Dame.

He played the best football of his life there and does not like to see the school be disrespected. It is not at all surprising to hear he was disappointed with Kelly. 

Quinn was completely in line to say what he said.