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Can the Rams Win the NFC in 2021?

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Let’s explore if the Los Angeles Rams can win the NFC in 2021. What do you think?

At 6-1, the Los Angeles Rams have been playing very good football this year. All they keep doing is putting up wins and great results. They are winning a lot of games, and looking like they are at a loss for true weakness.

They have all the tools, and are making moves to get even better now. They are a scary bunch, and so it is time to ask the question. Can the Rams win the NFC?

Stafford Slinging the Ball

When you take Jared Goff out of the lineup and replace him with a guy like Matthew Stafford, good things will happen. He has always been very good, and now when you put him in a situation with real threats, along with a great offensive line, you will have one of the best offenses in the league.

Stafford is a prime MVP candidate, having already thrown for 2,477 yards. He has amassed 22 TD passes (!) to just four interceptions, completing 69% of his throws. He has mad the most of the guys he has here, and though DeSean Jackson is now gone, they have plenty of deep threats and consistent receivers.

Between a solid tight end set, they also have Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and also Van Jefferson. The run game has done enough, and they really cannot ask anything more of their signal caller. He has them in a tie with Arizona atop a solid NFC West division.

Bringing in Defensive Reinforcements

Aaron Donald gets a lot of attention, as he should. He has been one of the best defensive players in the game for a long time, and draws double teams often. He cannot always be graded off his stats, because of how much attention he receives, and how much he opens the field up for his comrades.

And they just brought in Von Miller from the Broncos. He has been a terror for many years, and now he comes in to try and help them get even better. With the Jalen Ramsey acquisition a few seasons back, they beefed up the secondary. And now they just did the same thing with their front line. It is even more impressive than it already was, which is saying something.

They have allowed 20+ points in seven of eight games, but it hasn’t been too much of a problem for them, based on how much they have been able to score. There are a lack of concerns with the D ioverall.

Ready to Contend

There are an endless number of amazing teams in the NFL right now. So many elite squads, that is very hard to choose a top one. You’ve got the Buccaneers and Cowboys dominating so far. Green Bay had been playing great football, though they will now be without Aaron Rodgers.

L.A. is in the Cardinals division and they did in fact lose to them in week 4. But, they will get a chance at redemption. If they can find a way to win that second game, the rest of teams across the NFC and the league should be scared.

L.A. can definitely win the NFC.

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