Christmas Day is usually in sole possession of the NBA unless the holiday falls on a Sunday. The NBA has played on Christmas Day since 1947. The league didn’t play on the holiday in 1988 due to the NBA lockout, but they own Christmas.

Thanksgiving Day belongs to the NFL. The NBA doesn’t compete with the NFL on Thanksgiving and typically, the NFL doesn’t try to take the Christmas spotlight away from the NBA.

Until this year thanks to the infamous Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell hasn’t done much good for the league since he took over the commissioner role in 2006. However, Goodell finally did something respectable for the NFL by giving us a game on a non-Sunday Christmas Day. In my opinion, this is the best thing the commish has ever done in his tenure ‘leading’ the NFL.

Roger Goodell – The Resume

You could spend your entire life searching the world wide web in order to find every grievance that has ever been made about Goodell. THERE ARE COUNTLESS COMPLAINTS SURROUNDING THE COMMISSIONER.

Nobody really likes the NFL Commissioner. This is apparent on every single draft day when fans boo him as he steps up to the mic to open up the draft. Bud Light even made a commercial earlier this year encouraging fans around the nation to boo Goodell from home and tweet the video @budlight. This was because there were no fans present at the 2020 Draft due to COVID.

One of the most popular beers in America thought that booing the commissioner was such a tradition that they needed to continue it virtually in 2020. This alone should tell you everything you need to know about how football fans feel about Roger Goodell.

It’s no wonder fans hate Goodell. He has addressed the fans as “idiots” in several interviews over his career. This is because of the flack he was receiving for not leading the NFL in a way that was suitable for the fans. In his time leading the league, Goodell has done his best to take the fun out of the game of football.

One of my all-time favorite Roger Goodell stories took place earlier this year. Dave Portnoy aka “El Pres”, the founder of Barstool Sports, bid $250,000 after the NFL auctioned a night to watch Monday Night Football with Goodell in his home. This money was going to go towards charity, but the NFL denied Portnoy’s offer.

Goodell and Portnoy have a history that dates back to El Pres’ early days as the leader of Barstool Sports. Portnoy, a diehard Pats fan, wasn’t happy how Goodell handled Deflategate and the two have had a strained relationship ever since.

Portnoy is powerful in the sports world and he helps drive NFL ratings every week. Goodell is too stupid to realize this fact and doesn’t give the Barstool president the time of day. This is just one of many faults of the acting commissioner, Roger Goodell.

NBA Fans – Please Shut Up

Roger Goodell finally did something good for the NFL. He gave us Christmas Day football. This gift was delivered in the summer when the schedule was released before any of the changes took place due to COVID protocol.

NBA fans have made their voices heard on social media about the upcoming Christmas Day football game between Minnesota and New Orleans. Here’s what I think: All of you need to be quiet.

Roger Goodell never does anything right and he had the balls to say I want to put football on Christmas Day.

Is it uncharacteristic? Yes
Do I love this decision? Yes

There is no NBA basketball on Christmas Eve because the NFL owns Thursday, but Goodell said I want the actual holiday. I give the 61-year-old a lot of credit for this move.

If you don’t like football on Christmas, don’t turn on FOX at 4:30. It’s as simple as that! Roger Goodell did his first good deed for the NFL in 14 years. I stand with the commish on this move 100%.
I can’t wait for some Christmas Day football!

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