Well, it wasn’t quite the game we were hoping for, as Tampa Bay easily took care of Kansas City to win their second Super Bowl, 31-9.

Our Bucs moneyline hit to put a bow on our game picks this year – I think this Tom Brady guy might just have what it takes to win the big game.

I’ll remember this game as the one that highlighted just how important building through the trenches is. Shameless plug: nailed my Trench Talk analysis.

Patrick Mahomes never had a chance to get settled, there have been some absurd nuggets on just how awful his protection was against this fearsome Buccaneers defensive line.


The loss of Eric Fisher before this game was a huge reason I took Tampa Bay to win, and the entire offensive line seemingly fell apart without him anchoring the left side.

Safe to say the Chiefs will look to draft some offensive linemen this year. Do not underestimate how important a strong pass-rush and O-Line is to a team’s success.

Who Stepped up For Tampa

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Brady won the MVP, but this game was won by the defense. This unit is loaded at all three levels. We’ve tipped our caps to the defensive line, but Devin White and Lavonte David came to play in the middle of the field.

The secondary also stepped up, redeeming themselves from the historic game Tyreek Hill had against them in Week 12. Hill was shut down, catching seven balls for 73 yards.

White and rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. each had an interception.

Gronk caught a pair of touchdowns and our boy Leonard Fournette had a monster game, finishing with 135 total yards and a touchdown.

Fournette, Gronkowski, Antonio Brown and Brady were all responsible for scores, and all came to this team via free agency.

To win in this league, the key will always be to draft and develop talent, but free agency matters. Misses can set a franchise back years, but when you hit on your acquisitions, magic can happen.

Congrats to Tampa Bay.

Why the Chiefs Lost

Decisions like this don’t help: 

Absolutely no reason to take not one but two timeouts in this situation. Best case, you get the ball back inside your own 20 with less than 30 seconds to go and no timeouts. There’s aggressive and there’s reckless – and this was the latter.

Tampa proceeded to score a touchdown to head into the half up 21-6.

Beyond that, it just came down to their offensive line. Receivers weren’t getting open, and while Mahomes tried his best to create something out of nothing, it couldn’t be done.

Betting Results

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One of the highest projected games of the postseason did not live up to the hype, with under 56 easily hitting.

Fournette, Ronald Jones, Gronkowski, Travis Kelce and Clyde Edwards-Helaire were the only players to hit their overs in this relatively low-scoring affair.

For those waiting for Gatorade, Blue hit for a huge hit at +650 odds. I knew I should’ve bet on the only Gatorade color I’d ever buy.

Looking Ahead

Thus ends the 2020 NFL Season. We should all be grateful the NFL did not have to cancel a single game this year. Many didn’t want them to play, but the league found a way to safely keep the season alive, and thank the heavens they did.

Here’s hoping we get stadiums full of fans in the fall, watching football just isn’t the same.

Tampa Bay should be an interesting position to keep up their success next year. They have a few big free agents to deal with, including Chris Godwin, Lavonte David and Shaq Barrett, and maintaining this core will be the focus of their offseason.

Mahomes’ monster contract is set to kick in on the salary cap, which may begin to strain the Chiefs championship core. We’ll see how many years Andy Reid continues to coach, especially with this latest family matter to attend to.

To my readers and followers: thank you for showing your support this season. We crunched a lot of numbers and hit on a nice chunk of bets. I sure hope I helped deliver you more winners than losers, and I had a blast doing it.

I’m only just getting started. Make sure you’re following on Twitter if you don’t already (@griffybets). It’s time to hop into the NBA.

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