As we approach the beginning of the 2018 NFL season, let’s take a good look at each coach and see where they stand according to their job. Some are on the hot seat and have a good chance to get fired if their team fails or doesn’t live up to expectations. Others will find themselves with a bit of controversy but not on a solid foundation with their management group and/or the fanbase. The last group is the coaches that are safe. They have met expectations previously and are getting their team to goals set out by the ownership and management. Let’s take a look at each coach by division and then conclude which of the “seat” they are sitting upon.


Sean McDermott, Bills- When you have success in your first season at a new job, then the expectations climb. This might be a rebuilding year. WARM SEAT

Adam Gase, Dolphins- It’s not good when you go from 10-6 in one year and then come back the next season and finish 6-10. Gase has presided over losing some good player in the past few seasons. Look for a slow start to get the fanbase talking. HOT SEAT

Todd Bowles, Jets- They are letting Bowles hang around while they go through a rebuilding process but once they have their new players ready to go the coach will likely get the boot. Unless he wins big, a change will be made. HOT SEAT

Bill Belichick, Patriots- A change here isn’t going to happen soon unless a major scandal is uncovered and even that isn’t going to faze Robert Kraft. Belichick goes when he decides to retire. COOL SEAT


Hue Jackson, Browns- There is a distinct possibility that the best years of quarterback Baker Mayfield will be coached by someone else. General Manager John Dorsey will pull the plug quickly if they appear to fail again. When you are 1-31 over a two year period it is probably time to go. HOT SEAT

John Harbaugh, Ravens- It is not a secret when the owner of the team tells others that he has considered dumping his head coach. This team is in a rebuilding job and that fans poorly for Harbaugh. HOT SEAT

Marvin Lewis, Bengals- There doesn’t appear to be any real concern among the Bengals fans or management that they have been missing the playoffs which translate well for the head coach. COOL SEAT

Mike Tomlin, Steelers- The Steelers management and fanbase seem happy with what they have and even those they missed the playoffs they are fine with things as they are in Pittsburgh. COOL SEAT


Bill O’Brien, Texans- Deshaun Watson will bail the coach out or will sink him at the end of the season. The Texans have to catch Tennessee and Jacksonville. The head coach may get a few years to teach his quarterback. WARM SEAT

Mike Vrabel, Titans- Things were pretty after the Titans failed to make the playoffs for the first time in nine seasons. The temperature could rise quickly. WARM SEAT

Doug Marrone, Jaguars- Things are dicey in Jacksonville as the fanbase and organization now have thoughts of winning the AFC South and anything less could end poorly for the coach. WARM SEAT

Frank Reich, Colts- Patience is a virtue and Indianapolis will likely do just that now that the organization got shuffled. WARM SEAT


Anthony Lynn, Chargers- The team finished well last year and this may have bought Lynn some time. However, if they fail to make it to the playoffs, all bets are off as the fans get restless. WARM SEAT

Jon Gruden, Raiders- Oakland spent some money and got their man. Gruden will have some time to get it going but for the money spent they will want to see success in a short time. He’s ok for now. COOL SEAT

Andy Reid, Chiefs- This is another head coach that likely will retire before he is fired. Reid is 60 years old and will expect a near Super Bowl from Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. That is what will keep him motivated. COOL SEAT

Vance Joseph, Broncos- John Elway wanted to get rid of Joseph after one season but is giving him a second life. The roster has been upgraded so there are no excuses to not compete for the top spot in the AFC West. HOT SEAT


Jason Garrett, Cowboys- Things have always been cool in Dallas but a few things keep happening to make things appear there is a crack in the foundation. If the Cowboys start slow, the heat rises. WARM SEAT

Jay Gruden, Redskins- It is a pivotal year for Gruden as they could very likely slip behind the Giants and Cowboys to finish last. Look for Dan Snyder to be prepared to make a change during the season. If that happens, then we are back to on Gruden again. HOT SEAT

Doug Pederson, Eagles- It’s possible that the Eagles are on the way to making a dynasty in Philadelphia. They won Super Bowl 52. COOL SEAT

Pat Shurmur, Giants- Results are paramount in pro football and Shurmur gets a team that went to playoffs just a few short years ago. Let’s give his system some time and see if it works. WARM SEAT


Matt Nagy, Bears- This seat is probably feeling cooler with Mithell Trubisky at the helm for the Bears. Think Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson here. Just because of expectations in Chicago is Nagy under the gun. WARM SEAT

Mike Zimmer, Vikings- With the Vikings teaming with Kirk Cousins things are getting a bit crazy in Minnesota. This puts the onus directly on Zimmer to succeed. WARM SEAT

Mike McCarthy, Packers- Things are fine but they have to keep Aaron Rodgers healthy and motivated. The fans are good for now. COOL SEAT

Matt Patricia, Lions- They will get time to fix the problems in Detroit. The former Patriots coach will be defensive minded. For 3 seasons he is fine. COOL SEAT


Dan Quinn, Falcons- He has proven himself with a Super Bowl trip and then not letting up the next season. Expectations are high but unless there is a complete collapse, Quinn appears to be on solid footing. COOL SEAT

Dirk Koetter, Buccaneers- If this team doesn’t improve from fourth place, then the writing is on the wall that Koetter can’t work with quarterback Kameis Winston. One issue for Tampa Bay is that they have a tough schedule. HOT SEAT

Ron Rivera, Panthers- This is the make or break in all likelihood for Rivera. Things are changing in Carolina and he needs to win now. WARM SEAT

Sean Payton, Saints- At one time he was strongly on the hot seat but now they have a resurgence that could help him for a few seasons. I wouldn’t go so far as to say all is forgiven. WARM SEAT


Pete Carroll, Seahawks- I know age is not supposed to matter in a job but Carroll will be 67 years old and Russell Wilson can’t take them to Super Bowl all alone. Changes are slowly in the works. WARM SEAT

Steve Wilks, Cardinals– The rebuild is on which helps his case. But if he fails miserably then the Arizona heat creeps into the office. WARM SEAT

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers- The end of the season was a shining moment for the team and coach but placed many expectations on them for another season. If Jimmy Garopolo falters, things get warmer for Shanahan. WARM SEAT

Sean McVay, Rams- Many are saying the expectations of the city and fans of the Rams may make it unbearable but McVay appears to raise his own bar of success and will be given time to succeed. COOL SEAT

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