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Denver Broncos predictions for the 22/23 season

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The Denver Broncos have a new look at Quarterback this season, how will the 22/23 season fair for them?

Broncos Will Be Sold For 4.5B

Walmart Heir, Rob Walton has won the bid to buy the Denver Broncos for 4.5 billion dollars. This makes the Broncos the largest franchise in sports to date. Last year, the team was valued at 3.75B, however, this sale caused a bidding war as the price has since been raised almost 1 billion dollars. The team is being purchased through the Pat Bowlen trust, which was originally purchased for only 78 billion.

Russell Wilson has signed another contract with the Broncos

The Denver Broncos have their eyes on the Superbowl this upcoming season, as the team is loaded with unreal talent as well as super star quarterback Russell Wilson. The Broncos maintained a 7-10 record in the 2021 season and are looking to improve their organization. Wilson recently signed a new contract and tweeted about his excitement to continue playing for the team.

Another player that comes up as a valuable contributor to the team is rookie Montrell Washington. Washington was the number six draft pick as he stands at 5 foot 9 and has averaged almost 16 years per punt return in college and has punt return touchdowns in his last three seasons coming out of college. With, he is likely to be the player that the Broncos rely on for week one, as other players like Okyegbunam and Chubbs are currently injured.

Robert Walton is likely to be the new owner of the Broncos

Robert Walton is the 22nd richest person in the entire world, according to Forbes, as his net worth is an estimated 59.1 billion dollars. 77-year-old Walton became rich because his father, Sam Walton, is the founder of Walmart, and he is his oldest son. By Walton purchasing the team, he becomes the richest owner in NFL history, with a higher net worth than six other NFL owners combined.

The sale is not official yet, but the details are being sealed and the deal is said to be announced officially within the month. There were a few others who wanted to purchase the team, but with Walton’s wealth, they were easily outbid by him.

The Broncos are predicted to be number one in the off-season. With touch competition around the NFL, it may be difficult for them to maintain this status moving forward.

Russell Wilson, their star quarterback is growing older. After signing his new contract with the Broncos, their window for the Superbowl is diminishing. It is imperative that the team make the right decisions to positively affect the team to take them to the championship.

We see movement both on and off of the field with the Broncos, and only time will tell the positive result. With the reformation of an organization, the Broncos can take this opportunity to grow and develop to set goals for a Superbowl championship in the very near future.

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