Former NFL cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested in Hamilton County, he was arrested Monday morning, accused of beating another person until he was unconscious.

It is no secret that former NFL cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has had many different run in’s with law enforcement. Recently Jones was arrested and charged with assault after participating in a brawl at a bar.

In a video leaked by TMZ Jones is seen in the middle of a skirmish that involved people hurling bar stools and causing chaos as a full-fledged bar fight, something that you usually only see in movies, took place. Jones, now 37 no longer plays in the NFL but continues to struggle to stay out of trouble.

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Jones has insisted that the cause of the brawl and his participation in the brawl was not caused or motivated by alcohol. Jones claims that he did not start the brawl and joined in when things got crazy.

“When I turn around, they already on the floor,” said Jones. “I separate them…and that’s when punches and chairs and whatever they was throwing.” Jones did not regret his actions and added, “I did what I needed to do”.

Reports say that Jones kicked and punched someone multiple times until they were unconscious. Overall, this was a very messy scene and not a good look for Jones.

On the Field

On the field, “Pacman” Jones was an interesting player, to say the least. At 5’10” 185 lbs Jones was a scrappy and aggressive cornerback. In college at West Virginia Jones started at cornerback and also was the Mountaineers return man.

Jones was a playmaker on the field and any time he was able to get the ball in his hands he could do something special. Out of college Jones was a very high-ranking prospect. In the 2005 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans drafted Jones sixth overall, but his time in Tennesee was short-lived.

Jones played on the Titans for two years before being suspended for the 2007 season after violating the NFL’s player conduct policy. In 2007 Jones was involved in a shooting outside of a Las Vegas Strip Club where he pleaded no contest.

Jones’s case with the NFL was being looked at again after the first ten games of the season, but Commissioner Roger Goodell decided not to reduce it. Jones and Goodell did not have a very good relationship as Goodell thought that Jones did not take things seriously and considered banning Jones for life.

Jones applied for reinstatement and ultimately was reinstated and traded to the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. The Dallas Cowboys gave Jones the second chance he was looking for, but his tenure in Dallas was short-lived. Jones was suspended during the middle of the season and released after just one season in Dallas.

Jones continued to have off-the-field issues and after a few seasons away from the NFL Jones signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. Jones had a great deal of success in Cincinnati and was finally living up to his potential on the field. Jones made one pro bowl and was a solid cornerback for the Bengals.

Jones officially retired from the NFL in 2019.

It took Jones a while to figure things out to stay on the field, but the older Jones got the better he was on the field. Looking back on Jones’ career it would be interesting to have seen what he could have done if he avoided trouble early in his career.

For Jones, we can only hope that he figures things out and avoids any more trouble in the future. The entire event was a very messy situation and not exactly the headlines Jones was looking to make.


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