Detroit Lions center, Frank Ragnow, has officially established himself as the toughest man in the NFL. Ragnow suffered a broken throat against the Green Bay Packers in the first quarter on Sunday and still played all 68 of Detroit’s offensive snaps.

Frank Ragnow is just one of many examples why offensive linemen are the best people in the game of football.

What athlete would break their throat and stay in the game?

I’ll tell you what athlete would do this…

A 311-pound mauler named Frank Ragnow.

Injuries in the NFL

We all know that players push through pain every week in the NFL to compete at a high level. This is true because football is one of the toughest sports in the world.

Putting this fact aside, there is a double standard in the NFL when it comes to injuries.

A quarterback who sprains a finger on their throwing hand and plays is considered a hero. This injury would be the only thing discussed in the post-game presser and commentators would constantly make note of it throughout the game. The player may even get a statue outside their home stadium if they pulled off a big enough win.

I’m joking about the statue, but a quarterback playing with a sprained finger on their throwing hand is considered a big deal.

Here’s Frank Ragnow breaking his throat and the story doesn’t even drop until Wednesday. Are you serious?!

I was a Division I center in college and I thought I was relatively tough for my position. Frank Ragnow playing through a fractured throat made me look back at every game that I missed in my career and think that I should’ve been on the field.

This story is unlike any other narrative that I’ve ever heard in the past. I didn’t even know that you could fracture a throat. On top of this, if you told me that someone could play through a fractured throat, I would’ve said that you were nuts.

Let’s take a closer look at the science behind a fractured throat.

What’s a Fractured Throat?

A fractured throat bone is one of the rarest injuries that a person can experience. Therefore, if you haven’t heard of this injury like me, don’t feel bad.

A fractured throat is usually caused from trauma due to strangulation. It affects a person’s larynx and it’s extremely painful. The injury can cause vocal cord weakness along with respiratory issues. The respiratory issues can lead to death if they’re not treated properly.

I don’t think three quarters of football with a fractured throat would be considered “proper treatment,” but I have a feeling that Ragnow would tend to disagree.

Frank Ragnow played 68 snaps with an injury that a person usually experiences when they’re strangled.

Just let that sink in for a minute…

Frank Ragnow – A True NFL Ironman

Ragnow missed practice on Wednesday, but I think the 24-year-old deserves a little rest for his effort on Sunday. Ragnow has been the anchor of the Detroit offensive line all season long. He has played 871 snaps this year and has the 2nd highest PFF grade at center in the league.

This is the type of story that makes the NFL so special. In today’s league, the primadonna storyline dominates football media. Often times, star players forget how they got to the league. It’s impossible for an individual to succeed in football without the support of their teammates.

You don’t hear about primadonna stories when it comes to the offensive line. Offensive linemen put their hard hat on every day and go to work. They just want to do their job in order for their team to win games.

Frank Ragnow epitomizes the offensive line mentality. Playing with a fractured throat shows that he’s willing to do whatever it takes for his team. This isn’t something that you see every day in the NFL.

So Frank Ragnow, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for showing the world why offensive linemen are the best people in the game of football.


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