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Hammer Bengals Money Line for Harambe

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The Bengals are playing for something bigger than football. They are playing for Harambe.

There are often signs from the gambling gods that you cannot resist in sports betting. They may be subtle or punch you directly in the face, but when you receive a sign, it’s best to take it.

I was high on the Cincinnati Bengals before receiving my sign, but I now have no choice but to go all-in on the dogs in Super Bowl LVI.

The Bengals are playing for something bigger than football. They are playing for Harambe.

On May 28, 2016, a little boy wanted to go play with the gorillas at the Cincinnati Zoo. He ended up sneaking past his mom and falling 14 feet into the pit, and encountering a 440-pound gorilla named Harambe.

Harambe was a 17-year-old Western gorilla, and he was seen playing with the child in the water moments before his death. It did not look like Harambe was trying to hurt the kid, but zookeepers fatally shot the gorilla to ensure the child’s safety.

Harambe became the talk of the internet following his murder, and the late gorilla is still a figurehead in Cincinnati. The Bengals may be heavy underdogs heading into their matchup against the Rams, but they have Harambe on their side.

Sam Hubbard went on Pardon My Take, a podcast from Barstool Sports with Big Cat and PFT this week. The duo asked Hubbard if the Bengals would be playing for the late Sweet Prince Harambe.

Hubbard gave bettors the exact statement they wanted after the question. He proclaimed the Bengals were taking the field on Super Bowl Sunday in Los Angeles for Harambe.

“Sweet Prince, I mean, that’s our guy. That’s our hero. I think that’s known, kind of goes without saying. You know, we’re doing this for him.”

This is the universe’s way of correcting itself and making up for the loss of the Sweet Prince. You can do your part to make things right in the murder of Harambe by hammering Cincinnati on the money line. It just might hit thanks to the 440-pound gorilla looking down over his beloved Bengals.

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