Super Bowl week is usually a seven-day event that features media interviews, team parties, fan experiences and so much more. This will not be the case for Super Bowl week in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the buildup to Super Bowl LV will be very minimal.

Here are some of the ways that Super Bowl week will look different this year.

Virtual Opening Night

Super Bowl Opening Night is the NFL’s new take on the old media day experience. On Opening Night, both teams are available for media opportunities. There are some amazing quotes that come out of this event in the lead-up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl week will look different

This year’s Opening Night will take place in a virtual manner. I’ll still be tuning in on February 1st, but I’m sure the virtual nature of the event will take some fun out of one of the best days during Super Bowl week.

The Chiefs Will Not Arrive in Tampa Bay Until Friday

The Chiefs will be practicing in Kansas City until Friday this week. Andy Reid and the Chiefs must be ecstatic about this rule that was put in place by Roger Goodell. A typical Super Bowl week includes a lot of mandatory distractions from the big game for players and coaches from both teams.

The teams in the big game care about one thing during Super Bowl Week: WINNING A RING.

Super Bowl week will look different

Not being able to arrive in Tampa Bay until Friday is an advantage for the Chiefs. The Buccaneers will be in Tampa Bay prior to the game because that is their home. Yet, they will be practicing at their team facility all week long.

This week will look like a regular-season game week because neither side will have to engage in any in-person league events due to COVID-19 restrictions. Both teams will solely have to focus on Super Bowl LV this week. Just another way Super Bowl week will look different.

Limited Fan Events

The NFL is such a special league because of the fans. Due to the limited game attendance, fan events will be minimal throughout the week. The NFL and the city of Tampa Bay aren’t abolishing the fan experience, but they’re restricting the usual schedule.

Fan experience events will be held outside with limited crowds. Masks will be enforced at all events.

Limited Game Attendance

Raymond James Stadium will host Super Bowl LV with a limited number of fans. The home of the Buccaneers can hold up to 75,000 people, but there will be more empty seats than people in the stands for Super Bowl LV. Masks are mandatory for all spectators inside Raymond James Stadium.

22,000 fans will be in attendance for Super Bowl LV. 7,500 of these fans will be vaccinated health workers that were invited on behalf of the league for their service battling COVID-19. This is a great move on the part of the league to honor these individuals.

Super Bowl week will look different this year.

The limited attendance will be devastating for the NFL’s ticket revenue as well as the city of Tampa Bay. The Centers for Disease Control has approved this regulation and stated that it’s the right call to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

During the regular season, Raymond James Stadium allowed a maximum of 14,000 fans for home games.

Even though Super Bowl week is basically nonexistent in 2021, this still shouldn’t deter fans from tuning in on February 7th. This could be one of the most competitive Super Bowl matchups in the past decade.

This game also has some tremendous storylines in the lead-up to kickoff. The obvious narrative that’s dominating Super Bowl LV is Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes. The GOAT vs The Kid for the Lombardi Trophy.

I couldn’t be more excited for kickoff next Sunday!

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