Aaron Rodgers has been the focus of much of the football media’s eye this season and offseason. Many are waiting to see where he wants to play next year while others simply think he’s a fantastic quarterback that deserves recognition. There are also his interesting views off of the field that have had him in some hot water.

Regardless, Rodgers forgot about all of that on Tuesday and dropped an extremely cryptic Instagram post; One which thanks his ex-fiance Shailene Woodley, his team, and his coaches. It also included multiple pictures, some with teammates, some with friends, and one with his ex-fiancé who he has now separated from.

I’m going to explain what all this means, what Rodgers is trying to do, and what’s going to happen in the coming weeks.

Rodgers is feeling gratitude

The post on Aaron Rodgers Instagram opens with a picture of a mountain in the distance with water and clouds in the foreground. It has a quote overlaid on top, Gratitude is the wine of the soul. Go ahead, get drunk.” I’m a sucker for a good inspirational quote and while this wasn’t the most moving thing, I thought it’s a nice little quote and is originally attributed to Rumi, a Persian poet.

Rodgers is clearly feeling grateful for his time in Green Bay, his time with teammates and friends, and for his time with his ex-girlfriend. In my opinion it appears that Rodgers may have realized what he wants to do with his life and his career, and is comfortable posting about it.

Many people are debating what this post means. Most seem to think it indicates either his retirement or his movement away from Green Bay. I believe that he has made a decision not to return to the Packers, although he may not know his final destination.

Adios, Aaron

In my eyes, this is a classic sentimental reminiscing post. I believe Rodgers has now decided to move on from Green Bay for greener pastures. Only a week ago I thought both Rodgers and future hall of fame receiver Davante Adams would both remain in Green Bay. This post from Rodgers changed my mind.

Of course everything posted on social media doesn’t have a direct correlation to that person’s life. There is a chance that Rodgers remains with the Packers and was just feeling extra grateful for his friends, family, and team. 

To me, it seems a sign that number 12 will not be returning as quarterback for the Packers. However, Rodgers swore today that no decision would be coming anytime soon. Many think he is waiting to see if Davante Adams resigns with the Packers, although I’ve heard that Adams has not even spoken with Green Bay since the season ended. That’s not a good sign for Packers fans.

Fans want answers

After what occurred with the Packers upon Brett Favre’s dismissal, many fans are horrified about what is going on with Rodgers. They do not want the team to give up Rodgers for anything, so they are hoping he’ll announce a decision relatively soon. 

Packers fans have been loyal to Rodgers through thick and thin, and I really did expect Rodgers to stay in Wisconsin with the Pack. This post made me change my mind, but eventually we’ll get the real answer from the man himself.

Now it comes down to the team and Rodgers. Green Bay with Rodgers has a solid chance at another Super Bowl run, maybe even multiple if they start off with one next season. Green Bay without Rodgers has a solid chance of rebuilding in a short amount of time. Assuming they want the Super Bowls they’ll do everything in their power to maintain Rodgers as a Packer.


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