As an Eagles fan, this year has been painful. The offense has dragged, the play calling has boggled the mind, both units never play well at the same time, and a game hasn’t once been relaxing or fun to watch.

Things have changed the last two weeks, and we have but one man to thank for that: Jalen Hurts.

The rookie second-round pick from Oklahoma/Alabama, who was drafted to shock and outrage by many of the Philly faithful (myself included) has been nothing short of a revelation.

He’s playing with poise, taking what the defense gives him, making plays with his legs and most of all: he’s making this team fun to watch again.


It’s no secret that Carson Wentz has regressed this season. The level at which his play has dropped off is truly unprecedented, and I can’t believe we’re where we are as a team. There is serious contemplation that this will be the end of the Wentz-Eagles marriage, and despite that massive salary cap hit Philadelphia will take ($34 million if traded), it’s becoming more and more likely they bite the bullet and start fresh with Hurts.

Jalen Hurts is Making the Eagles Relevant Again

As a die-hard Eagles fan, I’ve lived and breathed Philadelphia football for as long as I can remember.

My mood throughout the fall is directly correlated to the Eagles success or lack thereof. But, a new feeling was propping up more and more this year: indifference.

Indifference towards your favorite team is such an awful junction to find yourself. To view an Eagles game as an obligation, instead of an exciting appointment, is not where you want to be.

For 13 weeks, watching the Eagles has been the equivalent of lighting three hours of your time on fire. “I could have watched Red Zone instead of this crap” was a common utterance by the final whistle.

I’ve been off the Eagles since the ugliest 23-9 victory you’ll ever see against Dallas in Week 8.

The last two weeks have seen an all-around team win against the then-top team in the NFC, New Orleans Saints, and a 33-26 loss to the Arizona Cardinals that showcased the true explosiveness Hurts offers this team.

Now, at 4-9-1, the Eagles remarkably are still in the race for the NFC East crown. If Washington loses to the Panthers this weekend, and the Giants lose to Baltimore, the Eagles control their own destiny.

The beautiful thing is not that they are still in the hunt, but that I actually care about it. I’m back to religiously reading Eagles articles every morning, watching highlights and messing around with the ESPN Playoff Machine. 

We can thank the jolt that Jalen Hurts has brought to the team for this returning hopefulness, however fleeting it may turn out to be.

The next two weeks are a win-win in my eyes. Either the Eagles make a run and host a playoff game, giving Hurts a chance in the playoffs, or we miss out on the big dance and get a top ten pick.

As this crazy 2020 comes to an end, I have much to be thankful for. In the sports world, it starts with Jalen Hurts. The gift of caring is one I don’t take lightly. Let’s keep this train rolling for another couple of weeks.

The Eagles have the Cowboys in Week 16, followed by a Week 17 game against Washington that would be for the division if the Football Team drops this next game to the Panthers. 

The narrative is, understandably, about Wentz’s future with the team. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, I’m going to enjoy the ride

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