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Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Destinations (Post-Baker Mayfield Trade)

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Jimmy Garoppolo’s destination is a complete mystery. Tommy Burch talks about his options and lists his favorites for the best fit.

The Carolina Panthers absolutely fleeced, robbed, and swindled the Browns for Baker Mayfield. A conditional fifth-round pick for a bonafide NFL starting quarterback (the most valuable position in football) is outright disgusting. We’re wondering where Jimmy Garoppolo is going.

However, Baker Mayfield found a new home and a new offense. In an environment where he’s wanted and where he’s healthy, his impact will be great on his newfound team. However, this leaves one more highly-touted NFL quarterback on the trade block and without a destination.

The high-efficiency and highly underrated Jimmy Garoppolo sits in the 49ers training facility, wondering about his future. With one of the most viable trade destinations being overtaken and his second option in Seattle not seeming very interested in another QB, his future is clouded in mystery.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a high-value quarterback who makes a positive impact at his position. There are multitudes of teams in the league that could use him, but the potential suitors haven’t hit the media as of late. However, there are football teams that need a quarterback, whether starting or backup and those teams may leave you in shock.

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3. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s front office is in absolute shambles right now, after trading away their franchise cornerstone for a bag of chips and Noah Fant. Their QB depth is looking quite abysmal.

Drew Lock and Geno Smith battling it out for the starting role, there’s much left to be desired. Although they may not be sweeping the market for a solution, if Jimmy ends up leaving the Niners roster or Seattle decides to band together a couple of brain cells, they have a starting quarterback waiting for them in San Francisco.

His experience and leading ability aren’t debatable, and the 49ers locker room backs that up. He has led teams to success with less help on the roster, and teaming him up with two pro-bowl caliber receivers would be a threat to their division.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Even with the Desmond Ridder selection, the Falcons quarterback room is looking stiff. Mariota hasn’t had more than a single game of NFL playing experience since 2019, and relying on him and a rookie doesn’t seem very promising.

Acquiring Garoppolo may be the spark the Falcons need on a dying offense. In 2021, Jimmy Garoppolo’s percentage of bad throws (bad throw %) was 32nd in the league, putting him ahead of almost every starting QB in the NFL with the exception of Joe Burrow. With a less than namely receiving corp and the need for a quarterback to perform, handing the reigns of the Atlanta offense to Jimmy G may be the best solution.

1. Cleveland Browns

On a team where the star quarterback may be out for the season and their second-best option being traded away, the only two solutions would be starting Jacoby Brissett at quarterback for the season or finding someone else on another roster.

Jimmy would fit into the system perfectly. He is best in the short and medium passing games, and his release is one of the fastest in the league. Playing alongside his former teammate in Brissett, they already have some chemistry as they traded off the starting role as injuries corrupt a 2016 Patriots campaign.

He would work great with the skill players and offensive line they have established, and his play would translate quickly to a less deep-ball-heavy offense under Stefanski. This Cleveland team should jump at the opportunity for the established quarterback, and the other teams should be chasing right behind.

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