After the AFC Championship Game, I tried to buy a Joe Burrow jersey. I started at NFL Shop proceeded to Amazon, eBay, and then even offshore sites, but I had no luck.

Joe Burrow mania had begun, and there was no stopping the movement. Many people finally realized how cool Burrow was following the AFC Championship Game, but the reality is that the quarterback has been a vibe since LSU.

Joe Burrow

He has continued his college domination in his sophomore NFL season, throwing for 4,711 yards and 34 touchdowns in the regular season. These stats combined with Burrow’s leadership helped the Bengals claim their first playoff win in over 30 years.

This vibe has given Burrow a range of nicknames, and they all stick. Burrow is a vibe, and so are his nicknames. Let’s take a look!

Joe Shiesty & Joe Brrr

Traphouse Sports, a popular TikTok account, deserves credit for the Joe Shiesty nickname. In one video, the speaker called Burrow “Joe Shiesty” and “Joe Brrr,” which became instant hits amongst NFL fans.

Traphouse got the idea from the rapper Pooh Shiesty who used Brrr in his songs. Shiesty means to hurt someone knowingly, and this makes sense considering what Burrow does to opposing defenses.

Joe Cool

At 25 years old, Burrow is one of the calmest quarterbacks in the NFL. He stays cool under pressure, thus receiving the “Joe Cool” nickname. Joe Flacco and Joe Montana have also held this nickname, but it now belongs to Burrow.

Nobody Loves Cigars And Dancing In The Locker Room Like Joe Burrow | Barstool Sports

The Tiger King

This nickname came from the Netflix series highlighting the life of Joe Exotic. The name fits Burrow better, who led the LSU Tigers to a National Championship and has now taken the Bengals to the Super Bowl.

Joey Franchise

The Bengals fanbase has labeled Burrow as “Joey Franchise,” and this is a good decision. He is the most promising quarterback in the NFL. Recently, Rob Gronkowski said if he had to pick another quarterback to play with, it would be “Joey Franchise.”

Smokin’ Joe

After Burrow won the National Championship, a viral video circulated showing the quarterback enjoying a victory cigar. The “Smokin’ Joe” nickname was originally given to Joe Frazier, and it has since been taken by the AFC Champion.

Chatman Jr.] Stop me if you've heard this before: Joe Burrow is smoking a cigar and Ja'Marr Chase is dancing to 'Get The Gat' in the locker room. Bengals Win the AFC

Jackpot Joey

The Bengals hit the jackpot with Burrow. This nickname is self-explanatory. It was made known to the public in a post-game victory celebration on IG live when Cincinnati captured the AFC North title.

Future Nickname: Super Bowl Champ.


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