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Judging Rookie Quarterbacks

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There is something in the NFL that makes me livid, and that is judging rookie quarterbacks after one season.

There is something in the NFL that makes me livid, and that is judging rookie quarterbacks after one season. NFL quarterback is one of the hardest football jobs and these kids have to change their lives to do it.

This article will go over how and when to judge rookie quarterbacks. I’m not saying we shouldn’t judge quarterbacks, but we shouldn’t determine their career in one season. Let’s see if you agree.


The NFL is a business and it’s one that is harsh and is not apologizing. We see coaches getting fired after one year, players losing their career after a couple bad games. One day you could be the top dog, next you are fired for going 8-8.

One reason for this is the fans, nobody wants to watch a bad team. However sometimes it’s necessary, some teams need to rebuild, and fans should be somewhat patient. If your team has been bad for twenty years, yes that franchise needs to change.

The fans will stop going to games if a team is bad enough, so how do you engage fans again? One big way is drafting a rookie quarterback. It brings fan interest, and that quarterback could be the next Tom Brady.

Knowing that we have a rookie quarterback, the fans want instant results. They don’t understand how difficult this game is and how big the learning curve is. The rookie has to learn a new playbook, which is the most complex playbook he’s seen.

Next he has new teammates and coaches, so he’s a stranger. Next, the talent in the NFL is something he has never seen. For example, Trevor Lawerance didn’t play against any players as talented as Von Miller at Clemson.


It should be a no brainer that rookie quarterbacks are going to struggle. Also, I think you should bench the rookie the first year, and only let him play if the team needs him or if he’s ready. When he struggles, embrace it and not every rookie quarterback is going to be Tom Brady.

However saying a quarterback is a bust after one season is unfair. We’ve thrown a kid into the fire and he got burnt. Let him have some time and learn the NFL.
Second year judgements are a little unfair, but don’t bother me as much. The third year is when you can judge a quarterback. If he’s bad for three straight years or doesn’t improve, he’s a bust.

If we Judged every quarterback after one season we would have missed a lot of talents. Look at your favorite quarterback of all time, and there’s a good chance his rookie year was terrible. Expecting every rookie to play as well as Justin Hebert will only disappoint you.


NFL owners and fans stop judging the career of quarterbacks after one season. Especially if your rookie was a top ten pick. The earlier the pick, the worse the team, unless there was a trade.

Asking a veteran to turn around the Jaguars or Jets would be almost impossible with their rosters. Instead watch for improvements in the first year and let the team build around the rookie.

Peyton Manning and the Colts were built together. No rookie quarterback should be expected to play good or well. Instead when the team is built and developed then judge the quarterback.

Every quarterback needs help, and only a few elite quarterbacks can take a 4-12 team to a 12-4 record. Even then in every case the roster was better or the players played better than the season before.

Every team needs to be more patient and get some weapons, before they can expect a Lawerence to be good. If the team doesn’t do this then plan for the worst for the season. Good teams make good quarterbacks.

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