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Kaleb’s NFL Power Rankings Leading into Week 8

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This week’s power rankings are going to be a little bit simplified. I am going to cover each team in just two sentences. Even though some teams could use a page to talk about.

This week’s power rankings are going to be a little bit simplified. I am going to cover each team in just two sentences. Even though some teams could use a page to talk about.

32. Carolina Panthers (Prev. 32)

The Panthers were on a bye week last week yet are still the undisputed worst team in the league. They might be a team to watch out for during the trade deadline.

31. Arizona Cardinals (Prev. 28)

The Cards are coming back down to Earth recently. The bright side is Kyler Murray is back to practice so this team will get to see if he is as good as he was before.

30. Denver Broncos (Prev. 31)

Denver may have won this weekend, but they are still a bad football team. Russ doesn’t look terrible, but the rest of the team just seems a little lackluster in effort/talent. 

29. Green Bay Packers (Prev. 24)

Green Bay looks flat on the offensive side of the ball. It is time to start looking at LaFleur’s job and discuss if his system is the reason for failure.

28. Washington Commanders (Prev. 21)

The Commanders are one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL. The true killer is Sam Howell taking too many sacks a game. 

27. New York Giants (Prev. 30)

This team looks better on offense with Tyrod at the helm rather than Daniel Jones. With that being said, there is a very good chance they send Saquon on his way, making this team that much worse on offense.

26. Chicago Bears (Prev. 28)

How about the rookie out of Shepherd University? The real story of the week is that D’Onta Foreman managed to put up three touchdowns and clinch a win against the Las Vegas Raiders.

25. New England Patriots (Prev. 29)

I don’t care if they beat the Bills, the Patriots are still a bad football team. Mac Jones didn’t look good in their win, and this team is going to get worse before it gets better. 

24. Indianapolis Colts (Prev. 25)

This team still looks very competitive with Minshew in the driver’s seat. They managed to put up 38 points on the so called “best defense in the league” in Cleveland.

23. Las Vegas Raiders (Prev. 18)

It feels weird to say it, but this team needs Jimmy G to be healthy in order to be good. Their backups are playing horribly, which in turn is making their star wide receiver unhappy as well.

22. Tennessee Titans (Prev. 22)

Tennessee had a bye week last week so nothing much changed. With Tannehill reportedly out, it will be interesting to see which young QB performs well.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Prev. 21)

Tampa Bay is way to one dimensional on offense. They have yet to establish a run game, so their passing game is beginning to diminish, as well as their redzone offense. 

20. New Orleans Saints (Prev. 17)

This team has some amazing pieces to work with, they just seem to be on the cusp of competing at a high level. They were able to make it close with Jacksonville last week but struggled to get it done when it mattered most.

19. Atlanta Falcons (Prev. 23)

Arthur Smith may hate fantasy players, but what he did was still wrong. Smith neglecting to inform the league of Bijan being sick is just another example of the Falcons using talent in the wrong way.

18. Minnesota Vikings (Prev. 27)

 Minnesota pulled one of the biggest upsets of the year so far. They took down the 49ers in Primetime without Justin Jefferson, I’d say this team still has some juice to them. 

17. Los Angeles Chargers (Prev. 13)

The Chargers are 2-4 and whether they think it is or not, it’s time to panic. They have way too much talent on their team to be struggling this bad, Staley needs to be on the hottest seat right now.

16. Los Angeles Rams (Prev. 14)

The team lacked any kind of juice playing against Pittsburgh this past weekend. On the right side of things, Puka and Kupp have the upside of a top three duo in the league.

15. New York Jets (Prev. 16)

The Jets had a bye week this week so nothing new from them. They look for Rodgers to continue to recover quickly for a hopeful playoff run. 

14. Houston Texans (Prev. 15)

The Texans had the bye week to get healthier, seeing as their whole offensive line was out. Demeco Ryans will really show the kind of coach he is by keeping the team in stride after the bye week.

13. Cleveland Browns (Prev. 8)

Cleveland is still the same organization they always were. They may have a top tier defense, but Deshaun Watson is a liability to this team whether he is on or off the field.

12. Dallas Cowboys (Prev. 12)

Dallas was on a bye week as well, so nothing much to add here. I am very interested to see how the offense performs moving forward after the bye week.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (Prev. 19)

The Steelers continue to surprise me with some solid wins’ week after week. They still need to fire Matt Canada, but this team looks to be competing for the number one spot in the AFC North.

10. Buffalo Bills (Prev. 9)

Buffalo had an absolute horrid showing against a struggling Patriots team. They have seemed to have slowed down tremendously since they lost in London.

9. Seattle Seahawks (Prev. 11)

Seattle was able to get the job done by any means necessary, which just makes Geno look even better. They found ways to get first-round rookie Jaxon Smith-Njigba and young receiver Jake Bobo involved when DK was hurt.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (Prev. 10)

After a bye week, Cincinnati looks to continue the win streak they had going into the bye. If they can continue winning games, I will be convinced they can contend again this year.

7. Miami Dolphins (Prev. 3)

Miami seems to underperform against any good team they play. Their offense is electric, and their defense has some key pieces coming back, so I am not pushing the panic button yet.

6. Detroit Lions (Prev. 2)

Detroit got humbled this weekend, there is no other way to put it. That was likely the worst game they will have, so I won’t hold it too much against them. 

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (Prev. 6)

Three games, three cities, all in a 14-day span. That is how the Jags schedule has gone the last few weeks, and they managed to win no matter the circumstances.

4. San Francisco 49ers (Prev. 1)

Goliath has come back down to reality with the rest of the league. They are without their star left tackle, star receiver, and their star back is also beat up, no need to worry about the 49ers.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (Prev. 5)

Travis Kelce cannot be stopped. He has had 100+ yards in the first half of his last two games. On top of that, the Chiefs haven’t lost since their week one loss to the Lions.

2. Baltimore Ravens (Prev. 7)

The Ravens came out to play this last weekend, absolutely dominating Detroit 38-6. Lamar and his weapons were firing on all cylinders, this Baltimore team could do some damage in the playoffs this year.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (Prev. 4)

The Eagles are the most complete team right now. They made lightwork of the most explosive offense in the league, holding them to just 10 points.

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