Kyler Murray is probably the most controversial quarterback in the NFL today. The first overall pick in the 2019 draft in NFL rookie of the year honors Kyler Murray is currently going through obstacles with The Arizona Cardinals as disputes in Kyler’s contract have continued.

The Arizona Cardinals Placed an “Independent Study” mandate on star quarterback Kyler Murray’s new contract. Kyler Murray recently signed a five-year extension for $230.5 million. Within this massive new contract extension, there was an added homework clause that the Arizona Cardinals placed upon the 24-year-old superstar.

This is where the controversy of the Kyler Murray situation kicks in. You believe the 24-year-old has earned $230.5 million through performance and production but still believes that his work ethic is in question.

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Overreacting Or Underreacting

When the situation was originally brought to my attention I was overwhelmingly in support of the Arizona Cardinals, as I believe 4 hours of required film study with progress reports to Arizona Cardinals staff is not egregious.

This was my original reaction until I read the feelings of Warren Moon. Moon bashed the Arizona Cardinals and said this is a “slap in the face to all African-American quarterbacks”.

Adding that this situation is unfortunate and embarrassing for both the franchise and Kyler Murray. Back in the day, NFL teams used to criticize black quarterbacks and say that they were lazy and that they didn’t study the game inhibiting them from being leaders.

So for the Arizona Cardinals to place a Homework close on their star quarterback knowingly they would never do something to a legend like Tom Brady. Kyler Murray’s a one-of-one athlete a once in a lifetime player who was drafted first to the NFL knife to the MLB this is unheard of. To put Kyler Murray‘s work ethic in question is completely disrespectful to his athletic career.

Removal of the Mandate

This independent study mandate was quickly removed on July 28 but the damage that has been done is completely irresolvable. Moon stated that anytime Kyler has a bad game they would be able to default to this excuse and say that Kyler Murray had a bad day because he didn’t study enough.

Place in these limits and stipulations and Kyler Murray can cause his confidence to waiver and the Arizona Cardinals may end up losing their star quarterback. Black quarterbacks in the NFL have struggled but many have paved the way for Kyler Murray to be in the situation he is now and it is important that he stands up for himself and lets the world know never to question his work ethic.

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Kyler Murray was the first high school player to go undefeated in his high school career 43 no and then go off to college and win the Heisman trophy. Then became the NFL rookie of the year and a two-time pro bowler.

Kyler Murray stated in an interview that he cannot afford to take any shortcuts being his size and position, so to question his work ethic and undermined the current position he is demeaning to him as a player and to all black quarterbacks in his history.