Landing Spots for Chris Carson: now that Chris Carson has not got the franchise tag from the Seattle Seahawks and free agency is getting ready to start on March 17th. It is time for teams to look at what Chris Carson can do.

What Chris Carson Can Bring to the Table

In the last four seasons that Chris Carson has been in Seattle, he has been able to record 3,270 years and 21 touchdowns, averaging 4.6 yards per carry. Carson has even averaged 72.7 rushing yards since he had joined the NFL in 2017. In 2020, yes, Carson did have an injury-riddled season; he was still able to produce 681 years and five rushing touchdowns in 12 games. Those are just the minimal stats that Carson has been able to produce over the last four years. Now, what teams would benefit from a player like him.

It is time to start looking at where a potential landing spot would be:

Miami Dolphins

Miami is a likely spot that Carson can go. Miami has the ninth most spending room in cap space and requires a running back. Picking up Carson could make a lot of noise in the AFC East and possibly give them the push that they need.

In 2020, Miami tried everything that they could to be able to deploy running backs but only had one that would produce. The 2019 seventh-round draft pick, Myles Gaskin, led the way, playing ten games and recording 584 rushing yards on 142 carries. With Chris Carson joining Gaskin in the running game, Gaskin and Carson could be able to split the carries. Carson could also be the power back that Miami needs to break through the opposing defense and score.

If Miami does pick up Carson during free agency, they will be able to use their critical picks in the drift to build other positions on the team.

New York Jets

The New York Jets have a lot of money to be able to throw around during this free agency. The Jets sit second in cap space projections with $82.33 million. This could be the chance to get Robert Saleh some help at the running back position and to take a lot of pressure off of Sam Darnold.

The area that the Jets need to work on is the offensive line. If they can be able to build the offensive line during the draft, or even pick someone up from free agency, then Carson would be a terrific back behind a solid O-line.

Now let’s say that the Jets do take a rookie quarterback and decide to let Darnold go, then this also might be beneficial to the Jets. Chris Carson is one of the best running backs in the NFL that can handle the volume and could take a very large role in the offense if the Jets make that move.

Pittsburgh Steelers

When you look at the Steelers rushing in 2020, all you can do is cringe. The Steelers finished last in the league in rushing yards per game (84.4), yards per carry (3.6), and having the fourth-fewest rushing touchdowns (12).

Pittsburgh needs a running back that can generate yards and be a cost-efficient option. This is only because the Steelers need to be able to retain key players on their offensive line. Plus, with James Conner being a free agent this year, it is time for the Steelers to make a move and find help.

Carson can come into Pittsburgh and help Benny Snell and Anthony McFarland with taking the workload off of them. With the way that Carson can be a power back with his hard-nosed running style, not only would this be a fit that Pittsburgh needs, but Carson could become an automatic fan favorite by bringing the running game back to Pittsburgh.