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Let’s discuss some of the greatest Super Bowls that have ever been played

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Let’s discuss some of the greatest Super Bowls that have ever been played. This list will have some widely acknowledge and some that might not be favorites.

The Super Bowl is the biggest day for American Sports. To me it’s almost like a holiday, I meet with friends, family, and have a feast. Every American knows what the Super Bowl is, and everyone has their favorites.

Today we will discuss three of the greatest games the SUper Bowl has ever seen. Some honorable mentions are Super Bowl 3 when Joe Namath won against the favored Colts. The Others are Joe Montana’s two against the Bengals.

There have been many great ones, but we will only talk about Super Bowl 10, Super Bowl 33, and of course 51.So let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Steelers back to back

The Steelers have just beaten the Vikings the year before, and now they face “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys. Unlike the Steelers Super Bowl their offense did more to win the game. The defense also played great.

This might be the best Steelers team of the 70’s. This Super Bowl was close throughout, and the final score was 21-17. Lynn Swann had one of the best catches in NFL history. Also, this game started the great rivalry of the Steelers vs Steelers.

This was the first of the pair of Steelers wins against the Cowboys. Both games were great, but this one is talked about more in my family. Not the highest scoring game, but still a great game that led to a dynasty.

This One’s for John

John Elway was the player not to win a ring before Super Bowl 33. The Broncos have been to 4 Super Bowls before and three with Elway (all were blowouts). The Broncos were underdogs in San Diego, facing the Packers that just won one (and three time MVP winner Brett Farve).

For Elway’s first ring, he didn’t have the best day, but Terril Davis did. More than 200 yards and 3 touchdowns (a record and he suffered migraines). The Packers had the lead for the most of the game. In the fourth and about 5 minutes left Elway and Davis led a drive that would be the game’s score.

Brett Farve had one more chance, but a brutal hit that knocked himself and two other guys out, helped the Broncos win their first ring. It was awesome to see ELway run out with a score of 31 to 24. One last thing is to look up Elway’s Helicopter dive.

Brady gets five

All of the Patriots Super Bowls were close games, but Brady and Pats had the best comeback ever. We all know it, being down 28 to 3. The Falcons were close, but with no cigar.

Brady didn’t play well the first half, but in the second he showed people why he’s a great player. He had over 400 yards (game total) with about four passing touchdowns. Also who can forget about the Falcons that couldn’t muster a field goal, after being in Pats territory twice (in the second half).

Brady and the Pats would win the first and so far only Super Bowl that went to overtime. This game is a nutshell of their others as well, a last second comeback, and a lucky catch. One last thing, this would be the only Super Bowl where a team lost after not trailing in the game.

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