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Most Underrated NFL Players – AFC East

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Tommy Burch looks at the AFC East and analyzes the most underrated NFL players in their division.

As the NFL season creeps closer, NFL rosters are being weeded out. We’re in no man’s land, with a lack of any real action playing out. This often allows us to forget about the most underrated NFL players.

All we hear is hype from the players and arguments on Twitter about how every other team’s star player is trash and what makes theirs better. Constant bickering and degradation of star-caliber players is almost everything you see in NFL Twitter threads.

However, for every star player’s name being tossed around, incredible NFL players are being forgotten. There are players who had career years, even topping statistical categories that still have not caught the public eye.

If I were to list every underrated NFL player, it would take ages, so this is the start of a series. Beginning in the AFC East, I’m going to count down the most underrated NFL player on each team to shed light and give them the respect they deserve.

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Miami Dolphins – Zach Sieler

The stud defensive tackle for Miami is absolutely no joke. In all honesty, the Dolphins roster is stacked with the most underrated NFL players, from unknown to franchise cornerstones. However, Sieler has proven to be one of the best at his position last season.

62 tackles, 6 TFLs, 2 sacks, and 3 PDs, this man is an absolute beast. He had the highest PFF grade on the entire Miami roster, landing him top 5 at the interior defensive line.

A run-stuffer and force down the middle, Sieler demanded double teams and offensive attention all season. He stops the ball at the line as much as any of the stars, and has proven to be a piece this franchise needs to hold tight.

What’s most impressive is his story. The reason he’s underrated is his uprise. He went to Division 2 school Ferris State and was drafted in the 7th round by the Ravens in 2018. He was cut, signed to Miami, and made an immediate impact. He has only trended upwards in play, and is sure to tear up the league once more.

New York Jets – Michael Carter

The strong and fierce running back for the Jets has shown his ability time and time again, yet still finds his way lower on fantasy draft boards. In 14 of 17 games, he managed 639 yards and 4 touchdowns with one of the top 5 worst offensive lines in the NFL.

Not only this, but he’s an absolute powerhouse. Although plagued with injuries, he was a shining light on a team hiding in the shadows. He averaged 4.4 yards per carrying and managed to lead the league in missed tackles forced per touch. He and Breece Hall are going to put the AFC on notice and may take down some good teams as an underdog.

New England Patriots – Kendrick Bourne

Patriots receivers always find a way to fly under the radar, and Bourne is one of them. One of the shining young stars of the 49ers offense leading up to 2021, his addition to the Pats was much needed. He’s definitely the most underrated NFL player on the team.

With 800 receiving yards being a career-high by over 100 and 125 yards on the ground, Bourne is a do-it-all player. He’s a swiss army knife, someone who can affect the offense on all levels of the field. He’s quick, shifty, and has great hands.

As Mac Jones progresses, the style of the offense will too. Jones is going to be more open to the playbook, and Bourne will adapt along with him. The two guys will pair up and make one of the best young QB/WR duos in the NFL, and I see the 1k mark in Bourne’s future.

Buffalo Bills – Jamison Crowder

Crowder has been stuck with some average to below average quarterbacks throughout his career. His rookie year he played during the rise of Kirk Cousins, and he played pretty well, but once he found the Jets, it all went downhill.

However, he always managed consistency. He sits around the 500+ yard range, but last year he was slated for more if he hadn’t missed 5 games. After dealing with the Jets QB rotation for three seasons, he now gets to catch passes from MVP candidate Josh Allen.

If he can find good minutes behind Diggs and Davis, Crowder could be a sneaky addition to the Bills’ offense. He finds space down the middle, has good hands, and has made a great impact on wherever he ended up in the NFL. Although his minutes may be fewer, his QB caliber will make up for that, and I can see another good year for Crowder this season.

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