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My 2022 Patriots Predictions

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The Patriots are ready to open up the season, and mystery surrounds the team and their roster. Tommy Burch takes a deeper look, and predicts the team’s overall success.

I am a part of a family of Patriots fans. Living in New England and specifically the Connecticut and Massachusetts areas, the states are filled to the brim with Patriots viewers.

Over the course of my lifetime, I had the benefit of being able to witness the greatness of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick together. Half a dozen Super Bowl rings and many celebrations in New England later, now we enter a different era.

A completely revitalized offense, a new quarterback, and losing one of our biggest assets as an offensive coordinator. Their skill positions have less name value, and after a first-round exit last year, there is much left to be desired.

However, this team has the potential to be great. Do I personally think they will be? Not exactly. They may have personal statistics that pop off the chart, but as a team, we can do nothing but sit back and wait for game 1.

Individual Star Stats

Mac Jones, QB: 4200 yards, 29 TDs, 14 INTs, 69 CMP%

It’s hard to believe Mac Attack will have a worse season this year, especially with what I have heard about his physical accomplishments this off-season. He’s been in the weight room, his ball has a little more zip, and he’s going to hit his receivers.

I cannot say he will hit 30 touchdowns this year, and that is solely due to the receivers on his team. Kendrick Bourne was seen to have had a terrible preseason, and Jakobi Meyers is notorious for not finding the endzone. However, DeVante Parker and Nelson Agholor should be more than capable and will help the team succeed.

Matthew Judon, LB: 67 TKs, 14 SKs, 1 INT

Judon has an electric season last year, and proved he’s one of the most elite edge-rushing outside linebackers in all of football. His ability to find the ball and get the right angles is incredible, and another year in the Patriots system should prove helpful.

He had 12.5 sacks last year but had an opportunity to get many more. He may have a Parsons-like statline this year and could change the Patriots defense from great to amazing.

Jalen Mills, CB: 55 TKs, 6 PDs, 3 INTs

Jalen Mills is now the No. 1 corner after the departure of J.C. Jackson. According to reports, he has solidified himself in the role, making plays all over the field.

He did not record a single interception last year, but it should change now that he faces off against more No. 1 receivers. I have full confidence in his ability, and he will translate to Patriots wins.

Team Prediction – 7-10

I’m sorry for this, but I’m not terribly confident. The reason I say this is because the rest of the division is so much stronger, and it almost guarantees between 2 and 4 losses, maybe even a loss to the Jets.

The receiving core is lacking real No. 1 wideout ability, and DeVante Parker can not carry the woes of his teammates. I don’t fully trust Damien Harris and Rhomandre Stevenson, despite the powerful offensive line.

With Jackson gone, the defensive backs feel a bit weaker as well. Moving Kyle Dugger to safety should be serviceable, but I don’t see much success from the squad this year.

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