It’s spooky season, and Myles Garrett understood the assignment. The Cleveland Browns defensive end has certainly made his presence known this season, racking up an impressive, league-high seven sacks in only five games of action.

He’s gotten one sack in every game, except for Week 2’s 10-point win over Tyrod Taylor and the Houston Texans. Garrett used his home Halloween decorations to poke fun at and trash talk some of the NFL’s most formidable quarterbacks that he has already played and will play soon, and he did it with style.

According to new photos from TMZ, Garrett has gravestones scattered across his front lawn, with the names of quarterbacks, their number, and their team printed on them. He has gravestones out for his AFC North division rivals Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and Ben Roethlisberger, along with four other quarterbacks who the Browns are playing soon: Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals, Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears, and Mac Jones of the New England Patriots. Hilariously, Kyler Murray’s is unusually small compared to the rest.

In the Browns’ Week 3 matchup against the Chicago Bears, Garrett and the rest of Cleveland’s defense wreaked havoc on Justin Fields and Chicago’s offense, holding them to a single offensive. Garrett actually set the Browns’ single-game sack record in that game.

He took down poor Justin Fields an exceedingly impressive 4.5 times. Garrett further trolled Fields in his humorous headstone decorations; his gravestone is adorned with the image of a skull and crossbones. What a tough break for Fields.

Even though he has been a solid player for a long time, Garrett has really stepped up his game these past two seasons. He is a two-time Pro Bowler and a one-time All-Pro selection, and in addition to his seven sacks, he also has 16 quarterback hits this season. Suffice it to say that Myles Garrett is a force to be reckoned with, and quarterbacks should certainly be wary of him and his talent.

When I saw these photos, I certainly laughed out loud. This is a perfect, appropriate, hilarious way to trash talk your past and upcoming opponents, especially since the NFL has been cracking down on taunting penalties.

Garrett’s humorous and serious message (or warning) to the NFL’s elite quarterbacks has been sent. He should be feared, future opponents beware the might of Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett! If they weren’t scared before, they certainly should be now.

This is exactly the kind of trolling I want to see, and this is exactly the kind of trolling that sports fans live for. Nobody wants to see fistfights between players of opposing teams, we want to see famous athletes poking fun at each other through Halloween decorations, social media, and other funny and effective means!

The Browns will take on the undefeated Arizona Cardinals and the formidable Kyler Murray in Week 6, so I guess we’ll see then if Garrett can put his money where his mouth is (or where his decorations are) and make life a living hell for Murray. Odds are, his presence will certainly be felt, perhaps in a ghost-like, haunting manner. Perfect for Halloween!