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Nagy, Bears Must Beat the Packers

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The Green Bay Packers have absolutely dominated the Chicago Bears over the past decade. Find out why this week’s game is a must-win for Matt Nagy and the Bears.

Nagy, Bears Must Beat the Packers – The Chicago Bears host the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, and for some reason this game isn’t being played in primetime. This is the best rivalry in the National Football League, but it’s not getting the major national attention that it deserves.

The Green Bay Packers have absolutely dominated this rivalry over the past decade, especially since Aaron Rodgers came into the league. Rodgers has made 25 starts in his career against the Bears, and he has won 20 of those games.

Not only has Rodgers been able to beat the Bears more often than not, but he has also absolutely embarrassed them in a majority of those matchups. It hasn’t even mattered whether the games are played in Chicago or Green Bay, and Rodgers has also eliminated the Bears from playoff contention at times.

Rodgers is nearing the end of his run in Green Bay, and the Bears enter Week 6. Things feel a little bit different this week when it comes to this rivalry, and the Bears are only 4.5-point underdogs.

A win on Sunday would put the Chicago Bears on top of the NFC North Division, tying the Packers with a 4-2 record. This win would also provide job security for Bears head coach Matt Nagy, something that he desperately needs.

This feels like a must-win game for Nagy and the Bears, because this is arguably their best shot in a few years to get the job done. Chicago finally has a real quarterback under center and the defense is once again playing at a high level.

Packers Dealing With Injuries

Another reason for optimism on the part of the Bears is that the Green Bay Packers are dealing with a number of injuries. The skill players remain unscathed for the Packers, but the offensive line and the defense has taken a major hit.

An injury to Aaron Rodgers would obviously give the Bears a better shot on Sunday, but the Packers are going to need their future Hall of Fame QB to deliver. Green Bay had a sub-par defense to begin the season, and that unit is now dealing with significant losses.

The Bears don’t always have a great offensive game plan in place, but they have to score on this defense on Sunday.

Fields is the Future

Justin Fields is the future face of the Chicago Bears, and it didn’t take him long to win the starting quarterback job. Chicago hasn’t had a franchise quarterback since Jim McMahon, and there is plenty of hope that Fields can end that trend.

This is the young quarterbacks first crack at Rodgers and the Packers, and Matt Nagy needs Fields to deliver. Another loss, under these circumstances, would be a tough blow for Nagy and Bears fans to take.

If Fields is able to deliver a win then that might buy Nagy a few extra years in Chicago. The buzz surrounding this game does feel different in Chicago as fans finally feel like they have a team worthy of winning this game.

With all that said….

Packers 31
Bears 17

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