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The New Fan Controlled Football League and the return of Johnny Manziel

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Even though the football season is over with the Bucs winning the Super Bowl it doesn’t mean football is over for the viewers. Two years ago the Alliance of American Football league was created and last year was the XFL.

Both leagues ended prematurely but the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) is hoping to be a hit. With how different this league is and with what they want to get out of it there is a chance FCFL will be around for a while.

The FCFL is controlled by fans hence the name Fan Controlled Football. Before the season starts fans vote on rule changes, uniforms, and the draft. The coolest part of the fans controlling the game is that they call the plays on the field.

The league only features 4 teams as of right now with big-name owners behind them. The team names are the Glacier Boyz, Zappers, Beasts, and Wild Aces.

Some of the team owners include Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Quavo, Austin Ekeler, Trevor May, Renee Montgomery, and Ronnie Singh.

The FCFL is much faster-paced than your average football game. Both teams have 7 men on the field. The game is split up into two 20 minute halves with a running clock that stops when someone has scored.

Once the game has reached its 1-minute mark the clock will stop when a team gets a first down or when there is an incompletion. The FCFL wants the games to last no more than an hour.

There are no kickoffs and punts meaning each team will start on their own 10-yard lines and must drive downfield 40 yards to score. There are no goal posts at all making the extra point extremely different.

The extra point is a 1 on 1 between the DB and WR. The quarterback will only have 3 seconds to throw the ball to his receiver. Teams can choose to go for 1 extra point from the 5-yard line or 2 extra points from the 10-yard line.

The best part of the extra point is that fans will choose the WR and DB to go up against each other.

Another interesting feature in the FCFL is that teams switch players on a weekly basis. All teams will get two franchise players that are selected by the team owners and then the fans get to pick one person to keep after the first game.

Every other player goes back into the draft pool for a redraft the following week. Like a fantasy football draft, the defense and offensive line are selected as a group. The focus of the draft is on offensive playmakers like quarterbacks and receivers.

When it comes to calling plays fans can go on twitch or the Fan Controlled Football app and you will see an option that says run or pass when your team is on offense. When you pick pass or run 4 plays will pop up on your screen.

You then pick your favorite play and lock it in. If that play wins the vote you get notified on the app or twitch and then you will watch the play on the field in real-time.

On the FCF you have a fan IQ which can increase by making good play calls and draft picks. The more your IQ goes up the more influence your votes will have during the game.

If you follow the FCF closely and interact with the app your decisions will eventually become a big-time decision and count for a lot.

Johnny Manziel’s return to football has not gone unnoticed and many people are wondering if this is the start of his comeback story. Sorry to say it’s not.

Johnny Football said that this was just an opportunity that was presented before him and he took it thinking about the business connections and friends he could make while having fun.

Then he went on to say that after he plays in the FCFL he probably won’t pick up a football again for another year or longer so for all you Manziel fans don’t get your hopes up about him returning to the NFL and enjoy his time in the FCFL.

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