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NFL Free Agency: Quarterback Predictions

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While superstars Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson already locked in to their 2022 destination, plenty of starting caliber quarterbacks in the NFL remain, and can still contribute to a team’s success in the future.

With the quarterback market already in full swing this offseason, one may think teams are still looking for a franchise passer out of luck in finding one through free agency. While superstars Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson already locked in to their 2022 destination, plenty of starting caliber quarterbacks remain in the NFL, and can still contribute to a team’s success in the future.

This article will give my favorite destinations for the remaining quarterbacks available this offseason. 


Jimmy Garoppolo: Indianapolis Colts

With Carson Wentz on his way to Washington, the Colts are looking for a new starting quarterback for the fifth straight year. Indianapolis features a great defense, offensive line, and a superstar of a running back, so inserting a game manager who can limit turnovers like Jimmy Garoppolo could be an ideal fit.

Garoppolo never put up large stats at San Francisco, but was able to win at a high rate by playing smart football, trusting its elite defense, and getting the ball to the team’s playmakers. Unlike Wentz, Garoppolo has proven to be an efficient player come playoff time as well, even reaching a Super Bowl in the 2019 season.

While Garoppolo will never wow you with his talent or statline, he is a proven winner. Indianapolis provides the right supporting cast for him to succeed and lead this team to a division title. 


Deshaun Watson: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The best quarterback available at this point, Deshaun Watson can turn a team into a legitimate title threat as long as he can square away his off the field issues. With Tom Brady retiring, Tampa Bay still features a championship-caliber roster outside of quarterback, and Watson can be the perfect fit to keep them in Super Bowl contention.

Watson is the prototypical new-age quarterback, as the former Texan has the ability to make any throw on the field, along with an athletic element that makes him difficult to gameplan for. What really stands out with Watson is his playmaking ability, especially in crunch time. There have been multiple occasions where Watson has been able make game-altering offensive plays when it seems most improbable, most notably in the 2019 playoffs and his incredible overtime performance against the Buffalo Bills.

In Tampa, Watson will be given an elite offensive line for the first time in his career, and a deep cast of playmakers, most notably Mike Evans and recently franchise tagged Chris Godwin. The Buccaneers would instantly become NFC South favorites with the acquisition of Watson, and in the mix for a NFC championship.


Jameis Winston: New Orleans Saints

Many fans forget that New Orleans was 5-2 last year before Jameis Winston tore his ACL. Winston’s interception total was down, and was more of a game manager who could rely on his playmakers and defense to help him win. 

Once Winston went down, Taysom Hill and Trevor Simeon would finish the season off going 4-6, and would be one of the worst offenses statistically in the second half of the season. Bringing Winston back makes too much sense for this team, as it will put them in position to make it back to the playoffs after narrowly missing in 2021. 


Mitchell Trubisky: Seattle Seahawks

Here’s a fun one. As the Seahawks appear to be entering a rebuilding stage, Mitchell Trubsiky can be an interesting bridge quarterback that can help the team win games in the short term. Despite all the criticisms of the former 2nd overall pick, Trubisky has been able to make the playoffs in the past, and has never had the weapon arsenal that Seattle provides.

While I do not expect him to light the world on fire by any means, I do think Seattle will be a much better offense with Trubsiky compared to Geno Smith or a rookie being thrown into the fire right away. Mitchell Trubisky is a starting caliber quarterback who deserves another chance under center with a competent team around him, and Seattle can provide just that. 


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