The NFL playoffs are exciting every year, the tournament consists of fourteen teams each conference with seven teams competing. With such a large bracket and one game elimination it truly leaves it up to the team who wants it more.

Compared to the NFL playoffs the collegiate level doesn’t perform at as high of a level of excitement. The tournament consists of four teams, those being the top four seeds of the year and normally has the same four teams in the playoffs.

The Excitement of the NFL Playoffs and Superbowl

As soon as the NFL playoffs start the level of play highentens to another level as every team believes they have a chance to win the superbowl. Each team plays with grit and determination in the single elimination game.

Even teams that don’t have the star power as they know they can upset the better ones. A perfect example of this is in the 2022 playoffs. A team like the Bengals had much less star power than the Kansas City Chiefs.

They fought to the very end and stuck to their guns, being able to defeat the Chiefs in the last moments of the game. We see games like this often in the NFL playoffs where teams will have so much drive and determination in them that they take down the best teams in the league.

The Flaws of the College Football Playoffs

The differences between NFL and College football playoffs are quite prevalent. As stated before the college tournament only has four teams. Most fans notice that some of the same teams enter the tournament every year.

Teams like Alabama have entered the tournament for almost the last seven years. This has most fans calling for change in the way the tournament works. As when most teams face off against a team like Alabama they seem to almost lose the game before it started.

It has become almost a sense of defeat around the league that no one can compare to the top teams. While this is true in a sense of star power. Other teams seem to lose their determination before entering the game.

Nothing is impossible in sports, a perfect example of this is Texas A&M breaking Alabama’s perfect record during the regular season. During the game it was prevalent that Texas A&M would do anything to beat Alabama as the team band together to defeat them.

Change needs to come along and many people have proposed different types of solutions to improve the college football playoffs. For example, expanding the tournament to eight teams or creating two large conferences in the NCAA like the NFL has.

Though many regular fans might not know the exact way to fix the collegiate playoffs it does need to be addressed. The NFL will continue to be much more exciting than the NCAA if nothing changes in the future.

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