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NFL Remaining Free Agent Best Fits

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Most of the NFL’s best free agents have found new homes, but not all. With suggestions, here are the rest of the NFL remaining free agent best fits.

Many of the top free agents have landed massive deals in this free agency period. Others have inked long-term extensions and some have forced their way out in way of trade.

If you are into NFL football betting you likely need to understand where the free agents fit in. Here are some notable players without a team for next season; the NFL remaining free agent best fits.

Julio Jones, WR

The once-great Falcon had an up and down season in his one year with Tennessee. After some injuries derailed his season once again, the older Jones was cut by the Titans early in the free agency window.

Still, without a team, Jones showed that he can still be a valuable member of a receiving corps that needs reinforcements. Teams going after Jones will be teams looking to compete.

For the Colts, other than Michael Pittman, Matt Ryan’s options to throw the ball to are very limited. He would love his old buddy to join him in Indy so make up a dangerous offensive crew backed by star running back Jonathan Taylor.

Duane Brown, OT

One of the game’s best tackles, the former Seahawk is still searching for a team for next year. It’s quite odd and confusing, but perhaps Brown just demands more money than teams are willing to pay him.

There haven’t been any serious inquiries about his availability recently, and it’s looking more likely he goes back to Seattle. Seattle is a good fit as they need some protection locked up for the future when they find their franchise QB in the next couple of seasons.

Jadeveon Clowney, DE

The former number one overall pick pass rusher looked to be out of Cleveland for good after losing all faith in quarterback Baker Mayfield. But, Clowney’s once-teammate Deshaun Watson’s arrival makes things more interesting.

The AFC North has some tough competition and Cleveland needs to hold onto their steller pash rush if they want to compete with Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.

Clowney, opposite Myles Garrett, will continue to be a force if they can stay healthy together.

Odell Beckham, WR

There are plenty of teams who need receivers, but Odell will only sign with a team that wants to win. After tasting victory in Los Angeles, it doesn’t look like Beckham is satisfied.

The Rams just signed Allen Robinson, indicating they don’t intend on retaining Beckham.

This leaves room for a major player to jump in here, and that’s the New England Patriots. I don’t know if Beckham is the stereotypical Patriots player, he’s a bit more flashy. But, they need some wide receiver help for Mac Jones and company if they want to compete with Buffalo atop the division.

The Packers have been rumored to be in the mix, but with the signing of Sammy Watkins, it looks like they have the veterans they need, and they’ll look to the draft to find the rest.

Tyrann Mathieu, S

The best fit for Mathieu is one of the best fits I’ve seen yet to be made, and that’s the Honey Badger joining Dak Prescott and co. in Dallas. Mathieu is a big name, and there’s no bigger team in the country than the Cowboys.

They have a big need for safety, and they’re looking to form a new team with some of the older players sticking around.

The young offensive core, paired with a Mathieu ran defense can make waves in a usually weak NFC East.

J.C. Tretter, C

Tretter is still in his prime and can give a lot to a team needed some experience and leadership. The Ravens for example would be a perfect fit for Tretter’s talents.

They are in the midst of bolstering their offensive line and could really use Tretter as a centerpiece to hold it all together.

Lamar had some moments last year in which he was running for his life, which ultimately cost the Ravens a spot in the postseason. With Tretter, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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