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NFL Week One Predictions

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Only one week left until the NFL season starts and there are some interesting match ups for the opening weekend. The schedule for week one has left fans with some great games with even better narratives.

There are sixteen NFL games scheduled for opening NFL weekend and with six games that look to be the highlights from all the matchups. Although some teams may clearly be better than the other, anything can happen if the underdog team wants the win more.

Bills Vs. Rams

To start the entire season off we have the 2022 NFL Superbowl matchup that never happened. They are coming off of a tough loss at the end of last season. After losing to the Chiefs in overtime mostly because of a coin toss. The Bills look to be the team to beat this year as they start their revenge tour.

In contrast to the Bills the Rams are coming in riding high after the NFL Superbowl and look to show that they will continue to dominate the league. With the addition of Allen Robinson, one of the best receivers in the league this makes the team even more dangerous. Although they have made some good signings in the office the BIlls will take the first game of the season.

Chiefs Vs. Cardinals

The Chiefs look to reclaim their title as the best team in the league that’s an offensive juggernaut that can score whenever they want. With the loss of Tyreek Hill this could make it harder for the Chiefs to become the team they used to be.

The Cardinals have to prove this year that they are not just a solid regular-season team that makes no noise in the playoffs. The best chance to do this is taking down the Kansas City Chiefs. If Kyle Murray can play consistently this year, they should make easy work of the Chiefs.

Browns Vs. Panthers

These teams may not be to the caliber of any other team on this list; the narrative of these teams is what drives this game. As Baker Mayfield left the Browns and is now playing for the Panthers, there’s still animosity between Mayfield and the NFL Browns organization.

As we’ve seen many times in sports, when a player has a personal vendetta against the opponent, a spectacle will be made. That is exactly what we will be seeing from Baker Mayfield come Saturday. Taking down the Panthers will prove that the Browns made a mistake getting rid of him.

Raiders Vs. Chargers

This game is two up-and-coming teams competing for who will be an elite team in the league for the coming years. The Chargers focused on beefing up their offense this off-season and look to give some help to Justin Herbert.

On the other hand, the Raiders did the exact same, adding one of the best, if not best, receivers in the league. Devante Adams is a great addition to the Raiders and puts them in a great position going into the season and with just a little more firepower in them to take down the Chargers.

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