The Pro Bowl is hard to get excited about but if you are a serious bettor and just have to make a play on the game, here are some things to pay attention to when placing your wager.

Betting tips for the NFL Pro

Betting tips for the NFL Pro Bowl game that takes place each January!

Follow the Pro Bowl Rosters Closely

Sure, it is a ceremonial game but if betting pay close attention to the rosters. In fact, pay very close attention to the roster attrition. Know who bowed out and who replaced them. Many players are ready to be away from football and choose not to play. Decide, if you can, which team has the better replacement roster after it all shakes out. It’s possible that the attrition has not actually hurt the talent level at all, but that the public will perceive that it has. That could lead to a situation where there is nice value in betting for the football team that has lost so many players.

First Time Players Matter

Look at which team has the most first time players. They tend to have more motivation to win than the long standing players do. If the players are just coming off a tough playoff loss likely don’t feel good about being there. If a player is playing for his coach, he may feel extra motivation for the game. Check those things to see if one team has more motivation factors than the other one.

Fade the Public if the Sharps Say So

Fading the public is never a terrible idea. But the Pro Bowl is one game and situation that it’s an even better idea. If you see a majority of the public is betting on the AFC or NFC — yet the line is moving in the opposite direction — consider betting against the public. This typically means some sharp action or big money is coming in on the other side. It’s always a good idea to be on the side of the sharps when betting on the Pro Bowl.

Pro Bowl Prop Bets

Maybe the Pro Bowl prop bets interest you. They will have several for you to look at and maybe you can find a one-on-one matchup to exploit. One last thing in betting the Pro Bowl is that it is not like a game during the season. No one is expected to play their hardest and none are expected to get hurt. With that in mind, I always stronger consider the OVER in the game with defense being limited to a lesser degree.

Good luck, but remember to do your homework on the players, the motivational factors and the lack of defense in the past before placing your wager on this year’s NFL Pro Bowl.

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