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Projecting the Top 5 Worst Starting QBs of 2022

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Us NFL fans love a good top 5 list, as we search to see our favorite teams and players. Hearing that our favorite players are validated by the public makes us endure a sense of warmth and reassurance.

Consider that feeling gone. It is time to tear down the positive reinforcement with my newest induction to the top 5 lists, and it’s not pretty.

If your favorite quarterback sits on this list, I avidly warn you that I will not be holding back. This is not going to be reassuring or give you hope, this is a negative piece on players that are bad and I don’t like.

The NFL is entering a new age of playmaking gunslingers with arms that throw the ball 80 yards on a dime on the run. QBs that run 4.3 40-yard dashes, and are no longer afraid of contact. These 5 starters have none of these traits, and I don’t expect it to get better.

Here are the Top 5 Worst Starting QBs of 2022.

Worst Starting QBs #5: Daniel Jones, NYG

First of all, we have no idea if this franchise guy is going to lose his job to Tyrod Taylor. I genuinely do believe Taylor is more talented at the position. Nonetheless, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Out of his 3 seasons of play, Jones hasn’t had a QBR of over 60. He consistently doesn’t play, and the concern about his ability to stay healthy or on the field isn’t talked about enough. He has 5 more fumbles than his starting running back, and he throws the ball to the other team over half the time than he does into the end zone.

I don’t think he’s a starting caliber player. He has a decent arm, got drafted way too early, and doesn’t deserve the slightest amount of respect, even if his offensive line was bad.

Worst Starting QBs #4: Marcus Mariota, ATL

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Mariota. However, as an avid Mariota viewer, he deserves this list.

His best year was his second, and after that, he dropped in literally every imaginable statistical category. He hasn’t been a consistent starter since 2018, and that much time can absolutely change a player.

Even when he did play, he wasn’t very good. He forced the ball and sometimes couldn’t get past the first read. I think even Daniel Jones has more promise than him this season, but that’s mostly due to recency bias and experience.

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Worst Starting QBs #3: Trevor Lawrence, JAX

Okay, sure, the guy had some nice throwing yards. My question is, so what? The yards had absolutely no value, and winning involves getting into the end zone.

Trev could throw the ball out of the stadium, but his throwing talent wasn’t the problem. He just plainly made terrible reads. Paying Christian Kirk millions of dollars and surrounding him with some mediocre or slightly above-average skill players isn’t going to change the fact that he had 17 interceptions to 12 touchdowns.

He doesn’t seem confident, and Urban Meyer may have ruined the start of his career. However, there is a light ahead for the kid, but I’m really worried that his production is going to plummet.

Worst Starting QBs #2: Mitchell Trubisky, PIT

The NVP himself, Mitch is in a load of trouble this year. The Steelers should be petrified.

There are flashes, and I must admit, he gets way too much hate. However, his third system in three years, I don’t think he’s going to do well. I’m feeling a Fitzmagic type of run.

He will start off hot, with two or three really good games, and once he’s comfortable, it’ll all go downhill. One thing about Trubisky is that he freezes under pressure, and Pittsburgh gets pretty cold around playoff time. Pickett will have his job in no time.

Worst Starting QBs #1: Drew Lock/Geno Smith, SEA

We all knew it was coming, the Lock/Smith debate. Honestly, they’re both garbage.

Geno Smith has a decent resume, and when he’s subbed in, he plays well. However, he needs to be subbed in because he can’t succeed as a starter.

HOWEVER, the reason they’re No. 1 is because of Drew Lock. The projected starter of this team is the equivalent of a grocery bagger at your local supermarket.

He led the league in interceptions in his second season in the league, and he only played 13 games. Take a second to grasp how absurd that is.

He lost his job to Teddy Bridgewater, who by all accounts, played his heart out, but getting beat out by Teddy B isn’t a phenomenal look. Seattle are the laughing stock of the NFL right now, which is sad considering the dynasty just ended.

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