Queue the 30 for 30 voice

What if I told you he wasn’t the fastest. That the Dolphins would receive a penalty if he caught the ball. That sometimes, it is a matter of making the most of the opportunities you’re given. That no offensive lineman can outrun the penalty flag.

What if I told you he’s the only exciting part about Thursday Night Football. That you could watch the clip on repeat forever. That the offensive lineman nobody could stop risked it all to find the end zone.

What if I told you diving for the goal line was easy.

30 for 30 in Real Time

Hopefully, ESPN buys this script for their next 30 for 30 documentary and makes me a wealthy man. It would be in the company’s best interest to make a film on what we witnessed last night.

30 for 30

If you watch Thursday’s game between the Ravens and Dolphins, you know I am not referring to the action on the gridiron. I am talking about one play in the fourth quarter when an offensive lineman dove into the national spotlight.

With Miami facing third and goal from the ten-yard line, OL Robert Hunt caught a screen pass and took it all the way to the endzone, finishing the catch off with a leap over the goal line.

At first, people thought the play was designed to go to Hunt because of the excitement circulating at Hard Rock Stadium. Although, the replay determined that Hunt lined up at right guard and was meant to be a blocker on the designed screen to Myles Gaskin.

Hunt was given a penalty for illegal touching, but in his defense, Tua Tagovailoa threw the ball right into his arms.

What did the Dolphins want him to do? Knock down the ball.

When an offensive lineman is given a chance to catch the football, they will make a play. On Thursday, the 6’6” 327-pound mauler made a play.

It went down as a penalty and not a touchdown on the stat sheet, but it will forever be remembered as one of the greatest Thursday Night Football moments of all time.

It’s also a guarantee the clip will not leave Miami’s offensive line room for the remainder of the season. Even though Hunt was given an illegal touching flag, he was still praised by his coaches and teammates.

30 for 30

The Dolphins do not have much to look forward to down the stretch. They are 3-7 and do not have a competitive team. Hunt’s ‘touchdown’ catch could be the moment of the year for the Dolphins.

Honestly, it was my moment of the year watching, so this is something to be proud of for the franchise.

ESPN, my starting offer is $1 million for the script…

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