Bettors go wild when the Super Bowl comes around. They are either tossing around their winnings or trying to gain back what they lost from the regular season. Sometimes they are in a sour mood because all football is ending for several months. Let’s look at some ways to approach betting the Super Bowl.

Getting tired won’t be an issue. Each team has had the same amount of rest going into this game. During the regular season it becomes a factor as teams get a bye week. So you can’t accept fatigue as a problem. However, look back at some of the injured players that were hurting 2-4 weeks ago and check on their welfare. They may be ready to contribute.

Tips to betting on the NFL Super Bowl.

Tips to betting on the NFL Super Bowl.

While we are on fatigue let’s remember that both teams will have a longer than normal halftime to rest. So if you watched the game and felt maybe one of the teams showed signs that their defense may be gassed, remember they have longer to rest.

Players are more likely to play hard. This is the last game of the season and they have many months to rest up. Look for players to give it their all and not worry about saving themselves.
Some others things that aren’t normal is that nobody is playing at home. Many times in regular season betting the home field plays a distinct advantage in your betting. Not so in the Super Bowl. This also requires very little, but some is needed, checking on the weather for game time. It’s not unusual for the games to be played in warm climates and/or in a dome somewhere. It is still something to check.

Look back at the past two weeks for each team and see if they limped in and barely squeaked out a victory or whether they were blowouts. Check each team as you know both of them had to win several games in a row to get to this position.

Check the odds more than once. They are set with the public in mind and how bettors will react. Many times new or sporadic bettors show up for this contest and bet wildly. This is a sucker bet. The oddsmakers like to set the line for the Super Bowl with the team most of the country expects to win. They know they will get droves of bets on the team. They also know the public loves to bet the over for this game. Check carefully and see if you can find a way for it to go under.

The best advice is not to lay it all on the line when betting the Super Bowl. It shouldn’t be a chance to win big or lose big. If you’re up on the season, try to win a little more, and if you’re down, try to stop the bleeding, but don’t risk it all. Check the Prop bets as they are usually plenty with some value for the astute bettor. Remember to practice good money management.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular events to bet on in the world of sports. There is millions, and millions of dollars wagered on the Super Bowl each year. Let’s take a look at some tips when betting the Super Bowl.

Now let’s take a look at five more strategic tips to betting the NFL Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

  1. Find the right time to bet on the game — And who really knows what the right time to bet on the Super Bowl is – but, make sure when the initial line comes out you take a look at it. If the line looks right for you, take it. If not, keep an eye on it. The good thing about the Super Bowl – it’s a two week grind between when the line comes out and when the game is played.
  2. Shop for the best line — It’s important to look around. You may have an account with several different sportsbooks, and there may be a difference in the line from one to another. That extra 1/2 point could loom large when you are betting the game.
  3. Do not bet emotionally — Yes, if your team is in the Super Bowl, it’s pretty exciting. But do not bet on your team JUST BECAUSE you want them to win, or vice versa. Make sure your bet has some thought behind it.
  4. Be careful with prop bets — Yes, Prop bets are a ton of fun. Yes, there are a ton of prop bets available, but don’t let them drain your betting account. Look at them, and give them some thought. Make sure you are keeping good bankroll management principles in mind.
  5. Watch out for Live Betting — Live Betting is a great deal of fun. Live Betting can also be profitable. But, live betting can also drain your account in a hurry. If you are live betting on the Super Bowl, make sure you are doing it with a clear mind. Remember, sports betting is a grind. You are not going to get rich in a day.

Where to Bet the Super Bowl

  1. Check our Legal US Sportsbooks page for a list of top places to bet on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Odds for 2019

Los Angeles Rams +275
Kansas City Chiefs +550
New England Patriots +550
New Orleans Saints +650
Los Angeles Chargers +1600
Minnesota Vikings +1600
Pittsburgh Steelers +1600
Carolina Panthers +2200
Houston Texans +2200
Philadelphia Eagles +2500
Chicago Bears +2800
Washington Redskins +2800
Baltimore Ravens +3300
Green Bay Packers +3300
Seattle Seahawks +3300
Cincinnati Bengals +4000
Dallas Cowboys +4500
Jacksonville Jaguars +5000
Atlanta Falcons +6600
Tennessee Titans +8000
Detroit Lions +10000
Indianapolis Colts +12500
Denver Broncos +15000
Miami Dolphins +17500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +25000
Cleveland Browns +30000
New York Jets +30000
Arizona Cardinals +40000
Buffalo Bills +50000
New York Giants +100000
Oakland Raiders +150000
San Francisco 49ers +200000

(updated 11/4/18)

Super Bowl Props

Welcome to the Knup Sports Prop Bets sections. We list numerous Prop Bets for Super Bowl 52 and hope to keep them growing. This post will continue to grow and evolve when new previews and picks are added. If you have Prop Bets that you like that are not listed here – email us at [email protected] and we will include those as well. Prop Bets are listed at many of your favorite legal US sportsbooks:

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