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Taylor Heinicke Lands Brand Deal with Bud Light

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Taylor Heinicke announced on Wednesday that he has officially partnered with Bud Light.

As a newly-established NFL starting quarterback, Taylor Heinicke has been on the lookout for endorsements. The obvious choice? Heineken, a well-known Dutch brand of beer. However, after trying and failing to land an endorsement with the company he almost shares a name with, Heinicke announced on Wednesday that he has officially partnered with Bud Light.

The Washington Football Team quarterback posted a photo of a special package that Bud Light sent him, captioned;

“With a name like Heinicke, there’s only one beer that it makes sense to partner with… I’m joining Bud Light and its #ForTheFans campaign (Sorry Heineken).” The special package was labeled “Bud Lighticke.”

The package was, quite a sight to behold. Bud Light sent their new partner two 12-packs of Bud Light, one 12-pack of Bud Light Seltzer, three bottles of Bud Lights with the company’s ‘For the Fans’ promotion, and one Bud Light baseball cap.

Earlier this week, Heinicke explained that he has actually been trying to reach out and partner with Heineken for a long time.

“It was after the Tampa game last year. I really tried to get something,” he said, “My agent said that they had sent me a 24-pack at home, never received it.”

When he was asked about the status of this partnership offer, Heinicke also joked;

“I’m trying, man. I’m trying. At some point, I might just start calling out Bud Light.”

However, it seems like things have worked out for Heinicke. Shortly following his comments regarding their company, Bud Light took to their Twitter to tweet at him, “Ready and waiting.” By Wednesday, the announcements of their partnership were officially made by both Heinicke and Bud Lught.

Even though Heinicke partnering with Heineken would have been more than perfect, it turns out that there is fun connection between Heinicke and Bud Light that dates back to one football season ago. When he was a quarterback in the XFL for the St. Louis Battlehawks, a video of Heinicke chugging two Bud Light Seltzers at the same time in celebration of a win went viral online.

“The one thing that we didn’t know was that team that won, you’d go back to the locker room and there were Bud Light Seltzers there for you,” Heinicke said, “We’re all getting back to the locker room and there are four 24 packs of Bud Light Seltzers. We’re like, ‘what’s this for?’ They’re like ‘you guys won, it’s for you guys.’ So with that and everyone winning $4,000, we were all pretty pumped and having a good time in there.”

This endorsement is great news for Heinicke, who has quickly become a household name and fan favorite for Washington fans. Now all he has to do is lead the Washington Football Team to the playoffs this season, and fans will remember him for a very long time. Expect football enthusiasts all over the Washington D.C. area to buy a crap ton of Bud Lights!

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