Ah yes, life is good on Thanksgiving as you are almost comatose from all the good food, fun and family. You sit back and enjoy the rest of the day with great football. But before you bet these game let’s consider some items that could help you make a profitable wager.

Tips to Betting the NFL on Thanksgiving Day

Tips to Betting the NFL on Thanksgiving Day

Here is the schedule for 2019 Thanksgiving Day:

  • Bears at Lions (12:30 p.m. ET, CBS)
  • Buffalo at Dallas 4:30 p.m. ET, FOX)
  • Saints at Falcons  (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC)

Consider the Teams Routine

All of these teams are likely on short rest. Most of them were in action on Sunday. Their routine has been altered. What they usually take six days to digest in the way of new wrinkles in the offense and/or ways to defend their opponent has been reduced to three days.

One thing to look for is if any of the teams were home last Sunday and now are hosting a Thanksgiving day game. They didn’t have to endure the travel issues that their opponent did. Another would be veteran quarterbacks have an edge of the younger ones in handling this preparation time they have been given.

Also, look for the teams that are battling injuries as they have had a full week to fight those with proper rest and rehab.

Find the Best Thanksgiving Bonus & Promotion

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The National Stage Effect

Another major issue is now all of these players are on the national stage. There are only three games and the public is on holiday. The scrutiny will be increased. Lots of people who don’t normally watch will be viewing and many that don’t bet on regular basis will be placing their wagers.

This translates into uneducated public betting. Many will have biases toward their strong favorite teams. Trends point to these people jumping on the underdog wagon. Another trend shows that they usually bet the over and it is the public that drives the lines in these games.

Importance to a City

These games are more important in some cities. Detroit is the prime example. They don’t get to the playoffs on a regular basis and these games have become important for the Lions players. Teams like Dallas don’t feel that quite as much as they have more media attention all season long.

Enjoy some turkey and bet on the NFL on Thanksgiving Day!

Enjoy some turkey and bet on the NFL on Thanksgiving Day!

Look at the History and Stats

Historically, games on Thanksgiving tend to finish as blowouts. In the last 15 years 28 games have ended with margins of over 15 points. Do you remember last year’s games? Two of them were were almost 20 point winners.

There is money to be made on this day, for sure. In 2016 we have two of the games with a spread of seven points or more. Look for the favorites to continue this trend of winning. Here is one stat that can’t be ignored. In the past twelve years the ATS has been 23-10 and that can make you a profit.

Bet the Second Half on Thanksgiving Day

Second half betting may be more important to value with games on Thanksgiving. Particularly if a team is losing. Now they are even madder that they have had to miss Thanksgiving dinner with the family and friends and things get ugly in the games.

Approach these Thanksgiving day games as you would any other with research and responsible betting but be sure to add in a few other areas to consider before you wager. Good luck!

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