We spend a lot of time talking about the teams that have the best chance to win the Super Bowl. The teams that are at the peak of the game, and are ready to make a run through the postseason and to Arizona for a chance to win the Lombardi Trophy.

This is the opposite of that. This is about a guaranteed playoff team that will not make it to the Super Bowl. This is about the Minnesota Vikings, who will once again follow up a great regular season with a very disappointing postseason.

The Minnesota Quarterback Will Fail You

Justin Jefferson is a superstar who has become the most complete wide receiver in the NFL. No matter what he is asked to do, he can do it. And do it as well or better than anyone else in the league.

Dalvin Cook is fifth in the league in rush yards, he’s among the leaders in yards per carry, and he is one of the most consistent backs in the league. He is always good, and never bad.

Kirk Cousins, on the other hand, is often bad. He’s rarely great, and when he plays the great defenses of the Cowboys and Eagles in the playoffs, he is guaranteed to lose. Consider that Cold, Hard Football Facts, who provide one of the most complete sets of evaluating stats in the business, rank Minnesota just 20th in Real Quarterback Rating, 20th in Offensive Passer Rating, and 23rd in Real Passing Yds/Attempt. That is unconscionable with Jefferson in the roster.

To put this in perspective, the 19th-ranked team in Real Quarterback Rating is Cleveland, who has one really bad game from Deshaun Watson and the rest of the year from Jacoby Brissett.

The Minnesota Defense Will Fail You

The Vikings have played two games against teams currently in the NFC playoffs – the Eagles and Cowboys. They lost those games by a combined score of 64-10.

The offense and Kirk Cousins were terrible, scoring just 10 points in two games. But the defense was even worse. Against the Eagles the Vikings defense allowed 486 yards at 7.1 yards per play, and against Dallas they gave up 458 yards and 6.5 yards per play.

Cold, Hard Football Facts ranks the Vikings just 18th in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating, 29th in Total Team Yards Allowed, and 19th in Defensive Rusher Rating. That means if you run the ball or pass the ball, it doesn’t matter. Against this Vikings defense, you will put up big yards, and probably big points.

Even in the Vikings’ most recent wins, they have been lucky to get the W. In wins against the Jets, Patriots, and Bills they were outgained by an average of 83 yards per game.

When the playoffs come around, do not invest your money in the Minnesota Vikings. You will lose it.