The Baltimore Ravens have been a competitive football team for most of the past two decades, and that isn’t surprising to anyone. They have consistently drafted well and made free-agent splashes. It is known that they are one of the better organizations in the NFL.

And though injuries play a part every year, things are not okay right now. They lost J.K. Dobbins for the year. They also just lost Justice Hill. The RB room is very much not fine, and things may be a bit tough.

Gus Can’t Do It Alone

Gus Edwards has had three very solid years in a row for Baltimore. He’s rushed for over 700 yards each time, and come up with 10 scores. He hasn’t been the feature back any of the times, splitting carries with the likes of Mark Ingram and Dobbins, a year ago.

But now that Ingram is in Houston, and Dobbins and Justice Hill are done, he will have to step up in a major way. On one hand, any back can come in and succeed with the Ravens rush-first attack. But on another, there will be a lot to learn on short notice for any signees.

Edwards had a career-high of 144 carries a season ago, but that number will more than likely skyrocket this coming season. He is worth picking up in fantasy, but he can’t do this thing by himself.

Ty’Son Williams Gets a Crack

Undrafted Ravens RB Ty’Son Williams is all of sudden RB2 on the depth chart. And though he was likely expected to play a large role on special teams, he’ll now have double duty throughout as the only other back who’s healthy and went through training camp.

The issue with Williams, is that he wasn’t too hot in college. He played his freshman year at UNC before transferring to South Carolina. He then finished his career at BYU, in 2019. He is two years removed from his last pro game, and never found his niche at any of those places.

Williams did average 4.8 yards per carry over his four years, but only rushed 233 times. He had 1,120 yards and eight TD’s and didn’t impress much. It is rare that guys who aren’t anywhere near first-string in college get these kinds of chances in the NFL. So, Ty’Son had best be ready for week 1.

Le’Veon is On the Way

Believe it or not, Le’Veon Bell is only 29 years old. And whether Ravens fans like him or not, he’s coming in to try and help. The biggest issue with Bell is that he hasn’t been effective since before his holdout in 2018. You have to go back to 2017 for his last actual quality year.

He cut by the Jets during the second of what was a four-year pact. He was terrific for Pittsburgh but they wouldn’t pay him what he believed he was owed. So, that partnership ended rather abruptly.

He wasn’t very good in KC, but Bell should understand now that this is last chance to salvage his career. Signing to a practice squad the week of the season opener should be telling of how the 32 GM’s see him now.

Once he joins the active roster, he’ll surely get some touches. And hopefully, he will be ready to make an impact.

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